Learn About Different Supplements For High Blood Pressure

Learn About Different Supplements For High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a shared problem these days as every family has at the minimum one member going by this problem. This immense extensive is owing to the changing lifestyles, eating habits, playing habits and lot more factors. It is generally termed as “silent killer” as there are no specific symptoms of this disease and if goes untreated, it can destroy vital organs of our body i.e. heart and kidneys.

A large number of medications in the form of drugs, exercises and other forms have been suggested by the doctors for ages. However, there is no long-lasting cure to this problem and consequently, it is better if one opts for natural remedies to reduce blood pressure.

Vitamins, Minerals and Other Nutritional Supplements:

  • The best sustain to your heart during hypertension will be in the form of minerals like calcium, minerals and potassium. Sometimes hypertension also occurs during pregnancy. In such situations, calcium is the best mineral to take.
  • Some researchers have also proved that vitamin C is also a good nutritional supplement for those having hypertension. consequently, increase the intake of vitamin C high foods.
  • Another in this category is Co-enzyme Q10. This helps in lowering of diastolic blood pressure.
  • Some studies say that Cod liver oil and flax oils can combat insulin resistance and consequently ultimately helps to reduce blood pressure.
  • Vitamin E is also a advantageous supplement.
  • Foods, having garlic, Chlorella, cayenne, green tea etc., are advisable for hypertension patients.

Besides these supplements for high blood pressure, there are some of the super juices. Mangosteen, Goji and Acai are well known for their heart and cardiovascular problems. All these supplements either have anti-inflammatory antioxidants, Vitamin C or protein high to treat hypertension.

Food Diet:

Besides taking vitamins, minerals and other such nutritional supplements, an individual diet is highly responsible for his health during high BP. It is good to take whole grains, citrus fruits and other fruits and vegetables. Wheatgrass and Chlorella are chlorophyll high green foods which are helpful to reduce blood pressure. Increase intake of mushroom, celery, carrots and spinach is also advisable.

Try to say no to excessive coffee, alcohol, sugar and vegetable fats. In case, you are non-diabetic, you can take dried fruits, potatoes, cherries, etc.

Other Ideas To Follow:

Once you have opted for high mineral and vitamin high diet and going with the above suggested food, you are already doing a lot for yourself. However, there are certain other things, which can further prevent irritating this problem.

To start with, you should go for regular yoga and exercises. Say strict no to smoking and alcohol. If you are overweight, it can be one thing which can prevent you from getting well. So, start from today and try to bring your weight under normal levels.

After doing all these, if you want to avoid allopathic medications, there are options of natural herbal medicine for hypertension.

Controlling blood pressure is completely in your hands so understand the value of your life and follow above mentioned advises.

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