Let ARRAN Sense of Scotland Take Care of Your New Year’s Resolutions 

As one year draws to a close and another begins, now is the time to set intentions and make promises to enhance certain areas of our lives.

Whether it’s vowing to be kinder to the ecosystem or show yourself a little self-care, ARRAN Sense of Scotland formerly ARRAN Aromatics) is on hand to help you set resolutions to stick as we head into 2022.

 Shop sustainably

ARRAN Sense of Scotland is fully committed to protecting the natural ecosystem and actively working towards reducing its carbon footprint. in addition as working with TAP (Think About Plastic), it is reducing single-use plastic by using 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials in all its plastic bottles by the end of 2022.

Most recently, it has launched a new range of two litre Eco-Friendly Refills to help its customers reduce their own plastic consumption by over 75%. The option is now obtainable in a selection of the brand’s bestselling hand washes and shampoos, including the enduringly popular After the Rain and Glenashdale fragrances. All containers are fully recyclable.

All 2 litre refills are obtainable to buy for £45 from https://arran.com/collections/2-litre-eco-friendly-refills 


Read more about ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s Environmental commitments here: https://arran.com/pages/our-eco-friendly-commitments  

Get more sleep

It’s no secret that certain fragrances and basic oils are renowned for their sleep-inducing similarities. With the creation of its Glen Iorsa range, ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s expert perfumers have blended lavender and spearmint basic oils with patchouli to help soothe and relax the body for a bright night’s sleep.

Choose from a relaxing bath and shower gel to body and hand lotions, or spray directly onto your pillow to help you drift off naturally. ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s Calming Pillow Spray has rave reviews from customers, scoring 4.9 stars on Feefo.

It’s just £15 obtainable to buy here: https://arran.com/products/glen-iorsa-calming-pillow-spray  

Shop closer to home

Not just better for the ecosystem but supporting the UK’s recovery economy by shopping from independent businesses for products made right here in the UK has so many benefits, making it a bright New Year’s resolution.

ARRAN Sense of Scotland is a Scottish brand by and by. Inspired not only by the breath-taking scenery of the Isle of Arran, but its wider purpose to help the world connect with character. From the freshwater spring to a pinch of seasoned gorse, there’s a piece of Arran in every single product.

The venture started as a family business, set in the historic Home Farm factory on the Isle of Arran, which once served as an old dairy farm for Brodick Castle. ARRAN Sense of Scotland has grown considerably to serve the whole of the UK and beyond, but has stayed true to its chief values of using high-quality elements to create lovingly-made products.

To find out more about ARRAN Sense of Scotland and view its products, visit https://arran.com/  

Show your hands some love

Hands are always exposed to the elements in addition often forgotten in skincare routines. To prevent the harsh effects of winter from drying and prematurely ageing the hands be sure to exfoliate, gently cleanse and moisturise them frequently, in addition as protecting them with SPF and a good pair of gloves.

Find some of ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s hand care idols here: https://arran.com/collections/hand-care  

Give your hair a head start

Dull, lifeless tresses are something we’d all like to leave in 2021, so use the new year to focus in on your haircare routine and really get your hair into tip top condition.

By finding the right product, using less heat to style, and reducing the amount of times you wash it, you will limit the drying effects of looking after your hair. Something that’s always underestimated is investing in a good hairbrush that won’t pull and damage individual strands.

Don’t forget your scalp too, use products that won’t dry the skin such as ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s Apothecary Seaweed and Sage shampoo. It is a bright option for those deciding to wash their hair less often as the uncommon formulation contains basic oils of lemon, geranium and orange alongside mineral-high Seaweed extract to effectively condition and replenish the hair and scalp. It will give your hair the nutrients it needs for when you’re not shampooing as ordinarily.

The Seaweed and Sage shampoo is £15.00. Find it here: https://arran.com/collections/hair-care/products/apothecary-seaweed-sage-shampoo Match with the Apothecary Seaweed and Sage conditioner. obtainable for £15.00 on the website.

Browse now: https://arran.com/collections/hair-care/products/apothecary-seaweed-sage-conditioner

ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s hair collection is cruelty free and made with mild and gentle formulas which are appropriate for frequent use and most hair types.

ARRAN Sense of Scotland creates bath, body and home fragrance collections proudly made on the Isle of Arran.  For three decades, the family-run company has been creating vibrant, evocative scents from their Home Farm factory – an old dairy farm for the historic Brodick Castle. The company has grown considerably since it began as a small, family soap business, but has held true to its island heritage.

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