Love Psychic: Help Keep And Rekindle The Love Magic In Your Relationship!

Love Psychic: Help Keep And Rekindle The Love Magic In Your Relationship!

Love Psychic Tip #1:

Live in the present moment enjoy the magic of love without expectation. The present moment is always happy! Right now everything is great unless you have a past or future thought. Depression is in the past and anxiety is in the future.

Future planning and excessive thought can take you out of the “flow.” In my practice, as a Love Psychic, I see so many great relationships come to a screeching stop due to living in the future and becoming unconscious of what is right here in the present moment. When you are planning and setting up future expectations, you really are taking the love magic of your relationship outside the vicinity of spirit and into your own hands and control. This, of course, cuts off the divine energy that is natural in all love.

The other problem, that I see as a Love Psychic, is that when you are thinking about events of the past or worried about what is going to happen in the future with your lover, you will miss many important signals that their actions are communicating to you.

As a Love Psychic, I hear from my clients, “Everything was going great, and then expansion, out of nowhere they changed.” In many situations, this was the client’s perception, but not the reality of the situation. Things were going great in the “client’s” perception. The client was so much into their own thoughts they were missing signals that their lover was giving them.

The client’s lover’s perception was different; they saw someone who was so caught up in their own thoughts (hopes, fears, and future planning) that they were not able to be present for the relationship. They interpreted the client as very selfish and inconsiderate of their needs; as a consequence the client’s lover moved out of the relationship.

Love Psychic Tip #2:

Release the past; And let go of any bad experiences you have endured… course of action them emotionally and move on already! Just because you have had troublesome relationships in the past doesn’t average that it is “always going to be this way.” If you bring the past into your present relationship, it is almost guaranteed to fail. It is not fair to your lover to punish or burden your new relationship with “your” baggage from the past.

Bad relationships in the past are really blessings. We have to experience what we don’t want in order to better define what we do want. Going by the wilderness, makes us appreciate and recognize the “Promised Land” when it comes. Many times as a Love Psychic, I find that my clients can’t already “see” the “Promised Land” when it comes as they are so caught up into all the bad experiences from their past relationships.

If you have not worked by the past, and processed it emotionally, you will unconsciously be projecting (and seeing the past) in your present relationship.

One good way to release the past is to write out all of your bad experiences from past relationships. Find out what these experiences have come to teach you. Is there anything you could have done to prevent these things? Are there repeating patterns? What can you learn from these past experiences? How do they help you to increase your awareness so you can avoid them in the future?

It is important not to be the kind of person that blames everything on outside events and people. If you play the blame game, you are telling yourself that you are powerless. This is not the affirmation that you want to be giving to yourself.

The simple truth is that no one can do anything to you unless you have given them that strength or unconsciously allowed it on some level. This doesn’t average you beat yourself up over any bad past experiences. You just glean areas from your past experiences where you can grow, so you don’t unconsciously give your strength away in the future.

Take your list of bad past experiences and burn it in the barbecue grill. As it burns, say to yourself, “I release you and let you go. I release what I do not want, and my release creates the vacuum to draw to me what I do.”

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