Married at First Sight – Fans in SHOCK as Morag and Bob spark romance …

The REAL reason

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Marilyse Corrigan has revealed the real reason behind her and Franky Spencer’s divided, admitting their relationship “went a bit dry” and they became “more like friends” than lovers.

Marilyse told The Sun: “A few weeks after the reunion we went our separate ways, we didn’t already fall out, we just mutually agreed that maybe we were not each other’s future.

“It’s really sad as we got on really well and Franky has a heart of gold but outside the experiment, I had to think, ‘Do I want to be with this person forever?’

“The experiment was very complete-on and the expectation after was complete-on in addition, I think maybe things went too quickly.

“I saw a lot of Franky and that probably spoiled it because we spent too much time together.

“ultimately things just went a bit dry and we ended up being more like friends than people in a relationship.

“It was such a fast course of action and it turned into something more friendly and that’s where we got stuck.”

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