Medical Malpractice Insurance Is Crucial for Everyone in the Medical F…

Medical Malpractice Insurance Is Crucial for Everyone in the Medical F…

Considering the fact that many doctors are presently having their nurse practitioners attend to patients while busy, it is necessary for everyone involved in the medical profession to have medical malpractice insurance. Travelling nurses who visit their patients at home, counselors, physical therapists, holistic practitioners and massage therapists have equal chances of being sued as doctors.

Nurse Practitioners:

Unlike the standard registered nurse, a nurse practitioner can perform a variety of responsibilities that are usually associated with doctors. There is a huge need for such professionals in community clinics, low cost nursing homes and home health agencies owing to their proficiency with responsibilities like conducting physical exams, diagnosing diseases, ordering and analyzing tests, child care and so on. Many clinics hire these nurses when they are not willing to shell out huge sums of money to pay the salary of a doctor. Since these nurses have to explain the reasons why they perform such duties, medical insurance is necessary for them.

Traveling nurses:

Patients who need medical attention at frequent intervals often hire the sets of a traveling nurse. These nurses provide medical sets independently and are not entitled to the insurance benefits of the hospital. Also, more often than not, the insurance policy of the agencies with whom these nurses have a contract is not enough to cover the amount that is payable to a patient. additionally, a lot of time is wasted in litigation expenses when the nurse in question is associated with more than one agency. In such situations, there are disputes relating to which agency covers the nurse.

Physical Therapists:

Medical insurance is just as important for physical therapists as they diagnose like doctors do and create a program for the patient keeping in mind their medical problem and history. Since these therapists refer to the details provided by the patient himself or their doctor, there is always a possibility of a lawsuit being filed against them.


Counselors are not doctors. However, they are licensed to ensure sound mental health of their patients. the time of action of counseling requires many sessions with the patient which usually go on for months at a stretch. The frustration building in the minds of patients in relation to this delay in the diagnosis causes some of the patients to discontinue their counseling sessions in spite of of the disapproval of the counselor. In absence of counseling, the patients might begin having problems and the blame could be put on the counselor. consequently, it is always better for counselors to have medical insurance.


Many people prefer the sets of midwives during delivery over going to a hospital. Since these licensed midwives have no control over the complications that arise during labor or childbirth, they cannot help birth defects in the new born children. To prevent themselves from lawsuits from the parents of such children, midwives must get medical insurance.

Massage therapists:

All massage therapist and especially the ones that function independently should have medical insurance. No matter how careful and skilled the therapist is, one can always have a glitch. Medical insurance protects the massage therapists against the consequences of such human errors.

Covering what the hospital does not cover:

already though hospitals are supposed to cover all their employees, the individual medical insurance of the medical practitioner helps in covering costs that are not covered by the hospital. It can also be used to pay off the fees of the attorney and other court charges.

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