Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) – Where to Start

Once you have installed your MYOB software go to the folder or desktop icon where you have stored the software and open the folder.

The Welcome window appears and displays five options:

· Open your company file – which opens an existing company file that has already been produced.

· Create new company file this is where you create a company file for your business.

· analyze the sample company – this is where you can experiment with the sample company’s data and learn how to use your MYOB accounting software.

· What’s new in this version – here you learn about the new features in this version

· Exit – this is where you close out of your MYOB accounting software.

The analyze the sample company option is a great place to get started. A sample company file has already been produced for you to experiment in. It allows you to freely look around MYOB and will not affect or damage any company files that you create for your own business. You can see actual accounting data that has already been entered and familiarize yourself with the way the program works.

After you have produced your own company file, the sample company is nevertheless a great place to experiment in, if you want to see how a transaction will turn out or if you want to learn something new and don’t want it to affect your own company file.

Click analyze the sample company and a sign-on window will appear. The User ID will be administrator and no password is required so click on OK. If you get a window that says your data needs to verified, just click No and the Command Centre window will be displayed of your sample company. You can now browse around the program and analyze the transactions that have already been made. There are several command centres’ to analyze each with several sub centres’ and options obtainable. Remember you cannot do any damage to this file so be a creative and explorative as you want.

Learn how to install MYOB software onto your computer and also how to set up a new company file.

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