Music File Sharing is Wrong

Music File Sharing is Wrong

I was pleased to see in the news today that Lord Mandelson defended

His government potential to look at possible laws for the protection of copyright content shared on the internet within peer to peer networks such as Limewire.

Lord Mandelson said ” downloading of files with out paying is wrong”.

Its about time someone defended the creatives, people by their creative bent have produced music and art that makes our lives a little better.

95% of the possible revenue of online sales is lost by illegal downloading. This money, if was collected and distributed fairly would revolutionize the music industry, funds would be obtainable for new artists,

Record labels would have enough money to take risks’ with unknown artist and there would be a lot more new music and choice.

The way things are major labels only release and sustain artists that allurement to the younger record buying sector, artist who sound just like the other artists who are around at the time.

This is because the younger record buying sector is a hive that is easy to rule. This method then that there are a lot of very talented people out there who are stacking shelves or some other mundane job, these creative’s are under valued and ignored at the expense of everyone.

Remember that Mozart, one of the finest composer that ever lived was buried in a poor persons mass grave, penniless.

So things haven’t changed in three hundred years, in fact during biblical times

There were periods where the people wouldn’t pay their temple tax and the priesthood would starve whilst the rest of the population would have plenty.

The priesthood were from the tribe of Levi and were responsible for providing the music and creative arts in the temple.

Today the temple is the internet and the priesthood is however again starving and as Lord Mandelson put it “downloading without payment is wrong” I will put it another way. Would you go into your local supermarket and do a weeks shopping and walk out with out paying?

It is time for change, lets pay the priesthood and all assistance from more music, more arts and more choice.

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