Myopia for Dystopia in the Illusion of Utopia

Postmodern times offer an range of multifaceted displays for the observation of disingenuous and hypocritical behaviors at varying levels of social interaction. In this presentation, myopia indicates the stupefying in addition intentional behaviors characterized by exceptional narrowmindedness. The information used here is not in reference to a physiological problem. Instead, the expression relates to the context of human stupidity. To make an accusation of stupid behaviors globally rampant among the human species, offers a reference to the intentional, purposeful and premeditated acts of irresponsibility. Across society, may escape responsibility in being held accountable.

Applying a myopic depiction for the social mainstream asserts the thin-minded, bigoted and intolerant actions of individual and groups toward others. inner that is the contention here that humans are not and have not changed very much over time. Using the term dystopia further assigns an additional descriptor that people will deliberately destroy civilization. Human devolution is a very real prospect at some future point. That is of course unless drastic transformations occur. There does not appear to be the reality at the present juncture of human existence. Some will differ and offer arguments to the contrary as hope springs eternal.

To continue, dystopia is characterized by an ecosystem that is hostile, counterproductive, dangerous, scary, and all around frightening. Furthermore, such a setting is that which regressively deteriorating in terms of human devolution. An air of human misery, squalor, poverty, oppression and extremely overcrowding add to the debasing environmental conditions. Such a world also displays grotesque forms of thriving consumption. In addition, the surrounding resources, both natural and human, become objects of detrimental exploitation. Likewise, human slavery takes on many forms that hide the true character of oppression.

In online blog by an intelligence analyst, the proclamation is made that the warning signs of future collapse are out there. Indicators are all too human in their perpetrations. Maybe partly in reflection about television where government agents chase alien conspiracies, the “truth is out there”. The admonition is that the enemy is within us. From illegal aliens, to sanctuary cities, along with insistence upon “tolerance” for everything, the devolution is upon us.

The illusion of utopia represents a child-like reversion to an beginning of simplistic thinking. The disingenuous concealment of political correctness provides a smoke screen for bitter acrimony against those who might offer opposing views. In that, the illusion masquerades as so-called “social warriors” who seek to self-validation of their interests over that of others. Seemingly grown up adults act like children in their narcissistic displays of selfish infantilism as though they possess special insight or secret knowledge. As an excuse to inflict abuse, in one form or another, psychological or physically, some will bring harm to others by arrogant self-righteousness.

In the post-modern vicinity that invites the onset of the dystopic future, the term “post-modern” has taken on a variety of interpretations. While some will argue, discourage or otherwise miss the points of emphasis, or pretend a deeper insight, the emphasis here concerns the more shallow infantile views of how cultural aspects should change. Deference contends the smug piety of shallow magical thinking, from a perspective of historical ignorance, for younger generations to feign special knowledge to change human character. Bygone becomes reinvention.

A viral infection has arisen brought on by an alien secret alien agenda. Of course this is a metaphorical allusion to later generations that act in ways indicative of intellectual regression. To avoid saying many are stupid and socially inept, other method of description might be used. Hence, a sci-fi illustration, the “secret alien agenda” to spread the stupidity virus among the human population. Once infected, like a zombie apocalypse, the virus spreads among the population. As a consequence, idiotic assertions about anything become mainstream assumptions. In what one writer calls a threat to free speech, “political correctness” for example, encourages a profane style of discourse that foments dissentions that curtails productive discussion.

Due to ignorance of global historical relevancies, lacking basic understanding of cause and effect, and failing to self-educate or self-evolve, the “viral” infection becomes ominously mentally and physically weakening. Of snowflakes, cupcakes and cream puffs, the effects of the covert “alien invasion” results in a shallow “selfie” oriented selfishness. Cerebral alacrity falters in such a way that thorough thought, creative imaginings, and exceptional criticality of thought, regress to the two dimensional framework of emotional reactivity. Logic loses in the end. Meanwhile, as history annoyingly repeats poor choices humans make, a few make strides to ascend to more ascended realms of maturity. However, other than a small group of tireless hard working self-evolving individuals, most do not change. A high school mentality permeates the mainstream.

Mundane fixation of position quo consensus remains largely persistent in little or no progress to an evolved range of enlightenment. As to the greater numbers, condescension of selfish entitlement and immediate gratification are more urgent than collectively advancing human civilization. Regressive behaviors seem standard. An air of child-like selfishness seems to permeate the crowded spaces of the social mainstream. From online different magazine, a researcher cites the parallels between society today, and the fictional narrative of the 1984 novel. An Orwellian tragedy, the modern enclaves are constructed around continued gizmo distractions and mass consumption. The personal quest for higher transcendence and enlightenment, that which contributes a more progressive species, is replaced by the comfort of pharmaceutical satiation.

As some would ascribe a loss of shared sense and emotional reactivity, instead of demanding insistence upon intellectual vitality, transformative innovation of a personal character devolves. Although one might be tempted to revisit the allegation of a conspiracy upon the human race, such is fanciful concept fueled by ineffective attempts at entertainment. Metaphorical assertions abound from Hollywood to the nation’s capital, along with misguided and often shallow public policy masquerading as a panacea to fix some perceived “crisis”. Yes, fix it with nebulous legislation designed to quell the fears of the public so the “epidemic” never ever happens again.

However, at all event the scary concept was as in a so-called “mass shooting”, it will happen again. Typically, the more simplistic the definition a problem is, the more often the issue is not a problem at all. Allusions to the maladaptive notions of a “major problem”, “epidemic”, “out of control”, or “health crisis”, are things more properly placed in proper perspective and proportionality. This would infer shared sense application of data pushed investigation.

However, as to the concept of proportionality with an historical backdrop, an interesting finding might turn up. That is, in all probability, there would be a difference in comparable data between that promoted in social media and alleged news reporting, and that pushed by factual authenticity. A sprinkling of anecdotes here and there, afterward translated into a hastily drawn generalization does not substantiate viable credibility. Fallacies of inference are rampant. For the most part of social engagement, the air is one of insulated, pampered and defensive against the ravishes of reason and rationality. A few, however, utilize their free will, yes, their basic freedom to resist the impositions of feel good mediocrity. Liberation in individuation struggles against many enemies of personal freedom.

Of these, the valiant warriors of self-reliance, a Spartan mindset, battle the ruthless socio-politico-psycho-babble opposition. Freedom fighters persist in the diligence of self-evolution for higher states of differentiation. This comes at a heavy cost, a price of psychic labor coupled with physical energy that only a small number are willing to do. Overcoming the onslaught of divisive myths, misconceptions and myopic preconceptions, modern rebels resist imperial condescension. To turn the tide against the myopia of foolish behaviors, and stifle the descent to dystopic collapse, a few work creatively to bring about a modest degree of change.

However, it may be too late and not enough. For all too frequently, the pretentious “social warriors”, and the so-called “anti-fascist” factions, inept, incompetent and ignorant in their efforts, only make things worse. As a tiny nexus of humanity insists upon their right to ascend, the great majority descend to the primal depths of ancient tribal devolution. Animosity, in addition as jealously, in the envy of a twisted hope that does not spring eternal, provokes regression instead of progression. The superficiality of the modern era in the collective collusion of contrived consensus undermines at every opportunity to elevation of intellectual ascendancy. Unfortunately, as one commentator points out in video presentation, the “American Empire” is ending.

Many pretend to be knowledgeable so long as such pretense serves to satiate their self-centered gratifications. Conflict within fails or wins. To aspire, but go higher, or wherever a metaphor might suffice, demands the continued vigilance of self-development in non-egoistic persistence. Much interpersonal conflict collides over necessary issues related to willful freedom. The liberation to act as oneself, making the right choices, by logic and reason, requires courage.

A struggle to persevere in spite of of those who despair and condescend, out of their own weaknesses, and stupidity, is an current rebellion. To become better than the original basic version of oneself, requires strenuous efforts to conquer the forces of conformity. The smugly pious and arrogantly self-serving will always find ways to bully, harass and otherwise stifle the creative genius of self-liberation within the individual. Individuation makes foolish the bullies, and average spirited haters who would trample upon the tenets of inalienable self-determinations.

Thinking differently, being deviant, avoiding stupidity whenever possible, and strive for differentiation requires an intense focus on self-evolution. Transformation of intellectual capacity, fully expanding conscious instigation and insisting upon the individuation of uniqueness, demands time and energy to psychically ascend to different realms of thoughts.

While many, especially pundits, politicians and preachers of academia or religiosity pretend exceptionality, most are steeped in the reassurance of superficiality. Fakes, fools and frauds abound. To pull off the disguise and show oneself is a dangerous act of rebellion. Some do rebel, cross the line of civility and anarchy, and delve in those tings perceived by others as abnormal. Authenticity is seldom applauded or admired. As others feel threatened by blunt raw honesty, brazen truth or straightforward unabashed reality. What should be and what ought to be dematerialize into the degrading subterfuge of disingenuous interactivity. For the great majority, simplistic notions serve the interests of benign commonality.

The less cumbersome modes of personal existence do not need a serious sense of creativity. In the post-modern sense of commonality, “social correctness” pretends to be fair, just and equitable, and in addition insults human intelligence. Transformation into a well-rounded more perfect version than the original self, labors diligently to shun the recriminations of myopic regressions. Meanwhile, cover-ups of personal masquerades foster one illusion after another. By a primal basis of juvenile immaturity, social engagements devolve to less productive processes.

In politics for example, numerous examples in political campaigns claim the smug piety of prideful arrogance. Hypocrisy is standard and corruption ever-present, as party lines banter the usual shallow blather. Season after season, with nothing notable or really new, the “cult-like” parroting of hollow slogans and phony memes degrade any semblance to statesmanship. All of which is symptomatic of what might be called “myopia for dystopia”. Intolerance, narrowmindedness and divisive biases, might serve to underscore myopic uneasiness. As to the dystopic decline, the erosion of civility takes place as a gradual course of action.

The illusion of utopia falls within the boundaries of that which pertains to the myth of the American Dream. Materiality over morality, or ethical precepts, with a focus on obsessive and gluttonous gain, additionally underscores the descent into regressive interactions. A thriving vicinity of anti-intellectualism, coupled with emotional reactivity, arrogantly embraces the condescension of facts in favor of fictions. Intentional imposition of position quo constraints condemns and confines public discourse to the thin spectrum of immaturity. Myopia, or shortsightedness, at all event the descriptors, for dystopia indicates the growing prospects for eventual social collapse. Things taken for granted will no longer exist. The standard, the safe place, and the comfortable space will be replaced by the terrors of survival.

While the theoretical spheres of the “social studies” arena bashes and banters the utopic scheme of “hope springs eternal”, human motivations devolve to malevolent darkness. For a moment, one might imagine a nightmare, a dream world, where the real and surreal collide. Sucked into a vortex of movie science fiction, the alternate reality is that of a debasing rule by the monsters of the Id. Imagine a large-extent collapse of everything people assume will always be there. No gas, no housing, no government, no resources, no cell phones and so on. Failing to be good students of history, many miss the historic warnings of progressive societies crumpling.

For the world of the real scientists, not the pseudoscientists of the social studies vicinity, a large number keep gloomy about the future of the human species. Some will lament this point in time as a crossroads, a juncture for serious decision making. in spite of of the scientific assessment relative to the perpetuation of the human species, or devolution and extinction, most do not listen to the warning signs. From an internet science magazine, researchers recently provoked the idea that social collapse is shared throughout human history. Investigators point out that the rise and fall of societies is likely more frequent than the exception.

According to the aforementioned inquiry, the government-funded research cites the meaningful influence of a associate major factors. These, they say, play a meaningful role in the ascent and eventual collapse of social “empires”. One is the exploitation of the natural ecosystem, and the other is the unequal dispensing of wealth. All of which might be summoned up by calling it stupid behavior by selfish human beings. Mistreatment and degradation of earth’s resources, not to forget the associated corruption and mismanagement, are not the most intelligent things to do.

Aside from the greedy and gluttonous self-interests, the gross consumption, the imbalance of wealth versus impoverishment, further deteriorates the infrastructures of human interactivity. In connection to those regressive factors, assuming technology will miraculously save the day is considered similarly foolhardy. Historical reference points offer a counter view to any notions of techno-invincibility. Large-extent societies have come and gone throughout history.

Likewise, superpowers are fragile and potentially teeter on the delicate balance of long-term viability. The arrogance of stupidity changes all that. Perhaps a third component in the equation might be the overwhelming arrogance of anti-thinking. current studies are pointing out the debasing state of intellectual capacity rapidly developing across the social mainstream. A demeaning trend of stupidity pretending to be cute and clever stifles creativity and innovation.

As to the cowardice of post-modern divisiveness, positive, proactive and productive actions warrant the persistence of demanding efforts for self-evolution. Rising above the commonality of magical thinking, foolish arrogance and regressive “adult adolescence”, demands intellectual courage. instead of wallow in self-victimization, or pretended juvenile helplessness, the individuality of personal valor requires vigorous rigors of creative action. Faltering ideations or the inability to include in responsible and logical dialogue seems to be waning.

In a nationally broadcast interview, a college professor assesses a younger generation as being not very intelligent. truly, the information used was “dumbest”. Other comments include not bright, the “dumbest generation”, idiots, and so on. This of course can be viewed as another opinionated positon of one generation looking at another. Then again, it could be analyzed from a scary point of view. That is, the younger generation, which lacks meaningful scope and thoroughness of intellectual examination, ultimately inherits the future. Complaints range from insufficient literary attentiveness, such as book reading, to an inability to understand or comprehend history.

The unsettling aspects, in addition as future consequences, lend credibility to basic thought focus on problem-solving capacity relative to politics, economics and law. Likewise, the basic scientific fields of biology, chemistry, physics and others need real scientists. With diminishing ranks in public service occupations, the police and fire sets, the military, medical and cyber fields, wonderment ponders the reality. As such, who will enlist in those career fields? Why is there a shortage in law enforcement, the armed forces, and related public sets?

To answer that, the reaction can be quite negative. A few commentators have cited the current “pussification” of later generations. Some critics of modern culture go further. They admonish younger generations as wuses, pussies, brats and crybabies. Selfish and self-absorbed people are a threat to democratic processes. Little will be achieved when a majority shuns science and embraces anti-intellectual attitudes. Given the social preoccupation with minor issues on a simplistic shallow basis, major societal problems receive minimal argue. Myopia for dystopia may be the preemptive stages for the eventual extinction of the human population. Distracted by grotesque levels of consumerism, consumption plagues and exhausts environmental resources. In a culture of crybabies, whiny sniveling malcontents, little will be achieved to ensure a more progressive and enlightened society for the betterment of humankind.

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