NBA Pacific Division Predictions

NBA Pacific Division Predictions

The Suns will run and gun again and take the Pacific with both LA teams right behind. Abdur-Rahim finally got into the playoffs last year, but the Kings won’t make it back this year. Expect Nellie to shake things up for Golden State, but they won’t make any major progress this year.

Phoenix Suns: The Suns have proven that they can win with the run and gun style of play that many experts have been skeptical of. Amare Stoudemire won’t be complete strength right away, but the Suns have proven that they can play well and win in his absence. The emergence of Diaw last season was as pertinent to the Suns’ success as the play of Steve Nash. Nash will be Nashty again and with Bell, Marion, and Diaw, they will rule the Pacific.

Los Angeles Clippers: The Clippers proved that they weren’t regular season pretenders in last year’s playoffs. Brand showed that he can be a franchise player on both ends of the floor. Shaun Livingston has the possible to be a star in this league as a big point guard. Leading with Cassell and coming in with Livingston will be a great one-two punch. Kaman is a great interior finisher which is something that most teams around the league are dying for. With Maggette, Livingston, and Tim Thomas coming off the bench, the Clippers have the best thoroughness in the west and should finish second in the Pacific.

Los Angeles Lakers: For the second season in a row the Lakers will have to play second fiddle to the Clippers. Kobe and Phil get this team in the playoffs, but Odom will have to be consistently good as will Brown in the post. Luke Walton’s brains may finally get him some serious minutes. He could be the missing link in LA’s triangle offense. Kobe makes this team a threat each and every night, but some of these others players will have to play with Kobe’s passion before they can take things to the next level.

Sacramento Kings: The Kings have one of the best shooting point guards in the league and a ticking time bomb in Ron Artest. When things are going nowhere for this team a associate months into the season, watch out for Artest’s dark side to show back up. Kevin Martin can play, but he isn’t Doug Christie. Brad Miller is listed as center, but he plays outside and can’t guard taller more athletic fives. The Kings have officially been dethroned out west.

Golden State Warriors: Don Nelson is back from his interruption and he will make the Warriors a better team with his unconventional offensive tactics, but the Pacific is too tough a mountain for them to climb this season. This is a soft team with Dunleavy and Murphy at the four and five. Expect Nellie’s up and down philosophy to assistance this team.

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