Network Marketing is a Game and You Have to Learn How to Play It!

Network Marketing is a Game and You Have to Learn How to Play It!

Network Marketing/Multi-Level Marketing as defined in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is a term that describes a marketing structure used by some companies as part of their overall marketing strategy. The structure is designed to create a marketing and sales force by compensating promoters of company products not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of other promoters they introduce to the company, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation.

We can agree that most people know and understand the definition and the concept of network marketing/MLM. If you know anything about the industry, you are aware that more millionaires are being produced by this industry than any other company. People are attracted to the concept of Network Marketing because of the low investment to start their own business and the possibility of getting “high quick”. Some call it a “get high quick scheme” or a “pyramid scheme”. These are mostly the people who have gotten involved with an opportunity and are not successful or did not get high quick because they could not figure out how to market their business or the naysayers, who do not have enough information about the industry in the first place.

I can see how this problem can happen and continue to manifest. There are people that will recruit people into their business opportunity expecting them to duplicate their efforts, when they are training them to market their business with the same old techniques from a decade ago, which is to make a list of your family, friends, barber, banker etc., call them and tell them about your wonderful products and your awesome compensation plan, send them to your replicated website (that every other distributor has), then get them on a conference call, then get them to a meeting and hopefully they will sign up to partner with you. This may work for some people who are your close friends or family members, but in order for them to be successful there has to be a system in place for them to follow that is simple and easy. That course of action sounds simple enough, but as soon as that new excited recruit get their first taste of rejection, they are going to be crushed! Rejection will set you back so far that it can take a week to conjure up enough energy to talk to someone else. If these people have not made any money before this happens, you will lose them. It is a vicious cycle that will ultimately reduce your downline to a bunch of zeros. I have seen this happen so many times. It has caused me to quit several businesses before I understood that it was not the businesses, it was Me.

I can not blame it all on me because I did everything my upline told me, but if you do not have enough belief in your upline, the company, the products, etc. you will quit at the first bump in the road. In order to be successful in Network Marketing/MLM you must retail and recruit to build a business. The average network marketer recruits under 3 people in their lifetime and earn $10 to $40 a month, 97% of Network Marketers fail! I found myself in that group, so I did some soul-searching and ultimately came to the conclusion that “There has to be a better way… “

I made my mind up that I was going to figure out what the 3% of successful Network Marketers were doing. I met someone who I began to follow who was having the success that I desired. Her marketing techniques looked easy and simple enough, so one day I finally clicked on one of her links to her website and was introduced to a Marketing System that I started employing right away to educate myself on how to be successful in this industry. One thing that she always says is “Network Marketing is a game and you have to learn how to play it”. I have learned how to generate leads and make money, which is the two major pitfalls of people trying to make it in this industry. Now I will teach you how to play the game…

What People Want… You need to Give It To Them!

People are looking for the expert, someone or some system that they feel they can assistance from (make $): More Leads / More Money!


YOU need to be that EXPERT and that LEADER if you’re going to make any money in YOUR business, period.

What People Don’t Want…

To be Sold… they want to sell themselves.

To have to chase after prospects, friends, and family in order to get a paycheck!

To start another business opportunity with a complete stranger… chances are they already have one and are failing miserably with it (97%).

You have to focus on 3 things:

1. Build a List

2. Build a Relationship with that List

3. Market to & Monetize that List

This is why it works: YOU keep up all the keys, YOU have all the answers, and YOU are the expert in the eyes of your prospects… they will come seek you out! Build your list by allurement marketing that brand you as a leader, and market your dominant business on the back end.

You Become The Expert & keep up Serious Value, this will cause you to become irresistibly attractive… Prospects will come to you already if you’re brand spankin’ new! Build relationships from the 90% who say no to your dominant business. You need to Build Your List for Long-Term Security… Where YOUR $ is! You will build your dominant business Effortlessly On The Back-End… They Will Come!

Learn how to play the game and join the 3% of Top Earners in the Network Marketing Industry!

Much Success…

Maria Moore

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