Nicola Sturgeon declares COP26 could be world’s ‘last chance’ to tackl…

Nicola Sturgeon has said COP26 could be the world’s “last chance” to tackle climate change.

The First Minister travelled to Iceland on Thursday to speak at the Arctic course of action Assembly in her first official overseas visit in almost two years.

The SNP leader delivered a meaningful observe speech in Reykjavik as part of efforts to build closer ties with northern nations and foster cooperation on climate change.

She spoke of her close ties to Glasgow ahead of the city hosting a climate conference billed as the largest political gathering ever held in the UK.

And Sturgeon warned it was vital that politicians worked together to reach agreement on a functional deal that would reduce global warming.

She said: “The COP 26 summit taking place in Glasgow, my home city, in just two weeks time is absolutely crucial.

“It’s often easy to embellish the importance of events like this, but I don’t think that it is an exaggeration to say that COP 26 in Glasgow represents the world’s best chance – and possibly the world’s last chance – to make the binding commitments, which give us a chance of keeping temperature increases to 1.5 degrees.

“One of the many things we are very proud of, in Glasgow, is our role as a birthplace of the industrial dramatical change in the 18th and 19th century.

“My hope, and i think it is a hope that the world must aspire to live up to, is that the discussions there next month, will help us usher in a net-zero dramatical change around the world.”

Sturgeon continued: “Scotland is trying to rule by example.

“We have cut our emissions by more than a half since 1990, so we are half way to Net Zero, but we do recognise that the next stage of the journey will be harder than the first.

“Since 2008 truly we have decarbonised faster than any country in the G20.

“We have now some of the world’s most ambitious targets for future cuts in emissions, we aim to reduce them by 75% by the end of this decade, by 2030 which is not far away, and to become net zero by 2045.

“Of course we recognise, as i think everyone does and must, that setting the targets is the comparatively easy part, meeting them is much harder. But that of course is what counts.

“In Scotland we have much to do, but a great deal of progress and commitment to build on.”

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