Nicola Sturgeon told ‘sack health board’ over Glasgow hospital infecti…

Nicola Sturgeon has been told to sack the leadership of the Greater Glasgow Health Board amid revelations of more deaths due to infections acquired in the city’s biggest hospital.

Anas Sarwar, Scottish Labour leader, said he has been told of another child who died from a water borne fungal infection contracted in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Last week, he raised the case of Andrew Slorance, a government adviser, who died in the hospital from aspergillus.

Sarwar said a senior clinician at the hospital told him of a child cancer patient who also contracted aspergillus in the same ward in the hospital as Mr Slorance.

Sarwar told the First Minister: “That child tragically died.”

The First Minister said she would look into the “specific issue raised”.

She said there was an independent external review being carried out of Mr Slorence’s case notes and more generally for aspergillus infections she said, “the health secretary has asked Healthcare Improvement Scotland to carry out a wider review”.

She said: “Any necessary action as a consequence of these additional strands of work will be taken.”

He said another clinician, who he said was afraid of being targeted if they spoke out, said another child has died in the hospital in the last two months from the same water borne infection that killed Milly Main four years ago.

Sarwar said: “This is gross negligence.”  He said to the First Minister. “Act now, stop infections and save lives.”

Sturgeon said: “When concerns are raised it is important that real serious investigations to establish the facts is important.”

The Labour leader said: “Milly Main died in 2017. I’ve been raising this for years.”

He said the First Minister was “hiding behind course of action”.

He said: “The First Minister has been in charge from start to finish. The Health Board has failed, the Scottish Government Oversight Team has failed, the Scottish Government has failed. Patients are dying now.”

He said: “Sack the leadership of the Health Board today, sack the oversight team.”

He asked: “How many more families will have to be devastated before you do the right thing?”

The First Minister said: “Sacking a health board doesn’t change overnight the practice in a hospital.”

“It is not right to say no action has been taken over four years.”

She said Greater Glasgow health board is at the highest level of escalation and will keep there until all issues have been investigated.

Sturgeon said: “When concerns are raised its important there are proper investigations underway …  so we establish the facts because that then informs the actions that require to be taken and that is vital.”

“What is also vital is to recognise is it is correct that processes are established ensure proper wider investigation and scrutiny.”

She additional: “It is simply not the case to say that nothing else is being done, while we await the findings of those.”

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