Obtaining a Reduced Sentence – DUI Attorneys Can Help You Avoid Jail Time

Obtaining a Reduced Sentence – DUI Attorneys Can Help You Avoid Jail Time

Being charged with DUI is can be a stressful and scary event in one’s life. You probably thought you were able to excursion, after all you only had a few drinks and you felt fine. However, the minute you saw those flashing red and blue lights in your rear-view mirror, you probably felt a sinking sensation. Dealing with the embarrassment of being arrested, trying to figure out what possible consequences you confront, and how to manager these charges so they have the least possible detrimental impact on your life is quite daunting.

One shared fear among those charged with drunk driving is the possibility of jail time. For many of us, spending time in jail is not an option. The responsibilities of supporting your family, caring for your children, and taking care of the numerous other day-to-day responsibilities which keep our lives flowing smoothly simply don’t allow for the interruption of a jail sentence. Facing the possibility of going to jail is especially nerve-wracking because a jail sentence may average losing your job or a portion of your income, which affects your ability to pay your bills and meet your obligations.

However, it is important not to lose hope. Many times, hiring an experienced attorney can help you navigate the legal system so that you arrive at the best possible outcome in light of your circumstances. One way in which a lawyer is especially helpful is obtaining a reduced sentence. If you are a first-time offender or there were extenuating circumstances involved, an attorney can often work with the prosecutor to arrive at a plea bargain that either avoids any jail time altogether or reduces time spent incarcerated to the bare minimum. Being offered a reduced sentence allows you to satisfy the state’s desire for legal consequences, while nevertheless allowing you to continue your commitments to work and family, in addition as other obligations.

In light of the harsh DUI penalties and laws in place in Arizona, hiring a DUI attorney in Phoenix is imperative. A DUI attorney in Arizona will have knowledge and experience with the court system that the average person will not. Hiring an attorney method that you will have access to the advice and counsel about how to successfully resolve your DUI. Your lawyer will be your advocate, fighting for your rights and working toward a legal solution that minimizes the impact these serious charges can have on your life, family, and future.

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