One Animal That Will Destroy a Wooden Fence and What to Do About It

One Animal That Will Destroy a Wooden Fence and What to Do About It

clearly there are many large animals that could literally walk over and destroy many wooden structures we attempt to erect. Fortunately in the U.K, we do not usually require protection from large wild animals; but does that average your fence is safe?

If you have ever seen a national geographic documentary on ants and termites, you will know that these small creatures are capable of destroying already the largest of structures character has to offer them.

To a small termite, the garden fence is just another structure worthy of a home. Termites, otherwise known as white ants like to chew threw wood that is soft. Most people use these types of woods to protect their gardens and homes so what are the necessary measures one needs to take to be protected?

The first thing one should know is termites work from the bottom upwards. This method that if you have a part of the wooden structure buried underneath the soil, the termites are more likely to find your fence and begin their attack. With this in mind, the wooden perimeter of your garden should be raised off the ground to prevent any possible pest infestation. This is also a preventative measure needed to prevent water intrusion.

Once this is done, one should look into purchasing any of the great protective sealants obtainable on the market today. You can also buy wood strainers. These types of protective paints come in many different grades and colours, this method that not only will the wood be protected, but also re-decorated too.

With these measures taken care of, one can enjoy the service of their fence for many years to come.

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