Personality Traits of a Pisces

Personality Traits of a Pisces

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, ruled by Neptune/Jupiter and symbolized by the fish. While it is the last sign of the zodiac and consequently symbolizes an end, it is also a sign of a new start, infinity, and reincarnation. Pisces are often considered to be otherworldly and more in tune with the spiritual world than other signs of the zodiac. They use a lot of time on their inner spiritual journey and are often considered to be old souls.

Not only are Pisces spiritual, but they are also very sensitive and that sensitivity allows them to know what others are feeling and what they need. They make great parents and spouses because of their caring, understanding character.

Pisces are so in touch with feelings – theirs and others – that they are very insightful, so much so that many often consider them to be psychic. Pisces may be involved in spiritualism because Neptune, one of its rulers, it considered to be a planet of mystery.

But, they may let their emotions guide them instead of using their rational. They may be so emotionally attached to others that they get involved in their problems, taking care of the person in need instead of themselves. They may find themselves a victim of someone else playing on their sympathy and their generous and loving personality may be taken advantage of. They also tend to internalize their own emotions.

Sensitivity, spirituality – it all adds up to another Pisces trait – dreaming. Pisces are often very creative people with great imaginations, so much so that they may get reality and fantasy confused. Great occupations for Pisces include artists, musicians, and writers. Pisces can also appear lazy or unmotivated to others because they do tend to use quite a bit of their time in a dream world. Pisces are truly very reliable people who can do at all event they put their minds to when properly focused.

Despite their sensitive side, Pisces can often be misunderstood. Although easy-going, being misunderstood upsets them and they may become depressed. They may especially become disheartened when they learn another has cheated or betrayed their benevolence.

Pisces children are passive and agreeable with vivid imaginations. He or she may already have imaginary friends. They have high fantasies, so take it easy when revealing Santa or the Easter Bunny aren’t real. However, the child’s easy going personality may make him or her the target of bullies at school. Pisces children may need space and don’t worry if they appear to be loners, that is perfectly natural. They connect with their families and especially pets if the family has any. While the Pisces child may not be a school leader, he or she will probably excel intellectually.

Physically, Pisces are prone to pains in their feet. They may be inclined to bunions, corns, and other foot ailments. Because of this, Pisces should choose their shoes with care.

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Pisces are loyal, loving friends who will usually try to help you any way they can. If they don’t use too much time in a dream state, they can unprotected to great success because of their great imaginations.

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