Pregnancy Planning Checklist – The Road To A Healthy Motherhood

Pregnancy Planning Checklist – The Road To A Healthy Motherhood

When you are planning a pregnancy, you should consider a pregnancy planning checklist and at the same time consult a physician to ensure safe pregnancy. This is one of the most important phases of every woman’s life. It is the endeavor of every parent to provide the best ecosystem and facilities to their children. This same sentiment should excursion us to excel during the phase of pregnancy.

Some Tips On Pregnancy Planning

  • Pregnancy planning checklist starts with a visit to a physician to pass the elementary tests to prove your fitness for motherhood and fatherhood. These tests help you to know if you have some weakness in your body, which is a hindrance in the development of the fetus. The physician will help you to regain a healthy body if you have had any history of illness, if you were using birth control pills, if you have low sperm count or if you have any deformity in your reproductive organs. Inform your doctor if you have had contact with teratogens. Your doctor will inform you if you need genetic counseling. It is required if you are in close relation to each other or if the woman is more than 35 years old. There are some other reasons in addition.
  • Visit a dentist to ensure that both of you have fine teeth.
  • You should always make love when the woman is most high. Make a chart of your menstruation cycle and find out the ovulation period. The ovulation periods of every woman starts from the 14th day once the menstruation period is over. Usually, conception is much easier during this period. Else, you have to take a fertility test.
  • This is an important point of pregnancy planning checklist. The woman who desires to become a mother should start taking multi vitamins pills and folic acid. Women who do not have a healthy body should take more doses of folic acid. Folic acid removes the defects of the pregnancy and helps in the formation of skull and brain of the baby. Calcium should also become a part of your daily diet. Calcium is necessary do develop strong bones for the body of the baby. Your daily intake should include green leafy vegetables, fruits and nuts, juices and milk, milk products and fortified cereals. Avoid uncooked or grilled food and fish high in mercury. Also, avoid red meat and junk food.
  • Physically fit and healthy parents give birth to healthy babies. All the rest just give birth to babies. Try to gain proper weight if you are under weight or over weight. Follow a fixed routine of exercise and abstain from smoking and alcohol, both are unhealthy to healthy growth of baby.
  • If you are working in an ecosystem, which is risky, then consider changing your work or take a long leave from work to avid any mishap in your pregnancy. Avoid taking any medicines or herbs on the advice of unrecognized practitioner lest you threaten your pregnancy.
  • Plan your finances so that you do not feel the pinch of money at the nick of time in case of any emergency. Consider all options; always add some more money for contingencies. This should top your pregnancy planning checklist. A health insurance cover can provide you relief if you have planned your pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy is the period when every woman should enjoy her womanhood. Give a lot of room to yourself. Indulge in doing what you have dreamt to do the most. Read books, decorate your room and house, find time for some meditation, listen to music, watch TV, be close to character, go for morning and evening walks, in a garden if possible, the works. These items should be the top agenda on the pregnancy planning checklist of every woman.

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