Psychic Abilities Within Animals

Psychic Abilities Within Animals

Humans are not the only creatures on this earth with psychic powers; animals also have psychic abilities that they can use to their advantage. Throughout the ages there have been countless stories of animals displaying psychic abilities.

Psychic powers are often described as similar to having a sixth sense and many animals are believed to possess this strength. It is commonly known that animals can sense danger and will take action to avoid danger. When natural disasters have hit areas around the world, animals have been seen fleeing the area before any signs of the disaster. Have they received a premonition about the up coming disaster or do they simply feel the ground vibrating or something similar?

Many pet animals are said to have telepathic links with their owners, meaning they can often detect their owners arriving home before they truly arrive, already in situations where it is at an irregular time. It has also been well proven that animals have a great ability to find their way home already if the odds are stacked against them. Dogs have been known the walk thousands of miles to get back home when they have been stolen. Surely in these situations they are using a sixth sense to aid their journey home?

It is harder to test an animal’s psychic ability compared to a human’s due to communication problems. But there are tests that have been conducted that may show if your pet is psychic. One such experiment is to wait until your dog is asleep, have someone watch him, and you wait upstairs with their rule. When you are upstairs think hard about taking your dog for a walk and project the image of your walk and the sights and smells of this walk onto your dog. After an agreed period of time, have the dog gently woken up and see how it reacts. If it comes running upstairs expecting a walk, then this could be a strong sign that your dog has psychic powers and you have managed to communicate with them by a telepathic link.

The theory is that both humans and animals have psychic abilities that are connected to an ancient survival instinct that is obtainable to them but, as humans we have let ours go idle. Animals have to think about where their next meal is coming from and have to be aware of the dangers that confront them.

Will we ever truly know and understand the extent of the psychic powers that our animal friends possess, or will it be kept as one of natures secrets?

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