Rhodes Faliraki

Faliraki is like one big funfair, with a great, multiethnic crowd tirelessly in pursuit of pleasure, day and night – in the morning on the famous beach with its striped umbrellas, at night in the thin streets with their garish neon lights and loud noise. Water battles till you drop at the impressive water park, races at the go-cart track, gallons of beer in the little bars on Ermou St., queues outside the big clubs on the main boulevard.

One of the liveliest coastal resorts on the island, Faliraki has two different sides: on one hand the big, luxury hotels with their private beaches and complete range of facilities, on the other the noisy center of the town with its jewelery shops, Irish pubs, ethnic restaurants (Italian, Indian, Chinese, Mexican) and continued movement. Ermou St., which runs down to the sea from the main road, is where most of the bars are to be found, in addition as the clothes boutiques for the younger crowd, jewelery shops and fast-food outlets. At the end of the street stands the famous Chaplin’s, the best known of all the island’s beach bars and one of the few places where you might see some Greek faces. Generally speaking the area is overrun by Brits! Around the town there are facilities for a whole range of activities (go-carting, funfair, mini football, etc..) in addition as all kinds of clubs, already a live strip-tease show.

At the end of Ermou St., in front of Chaplin’s, is the taxi rank and first-aid centre. This is also where the miniature aim sets out for the tour of the town. If you’ve had enough of the crowds, the nearest escape is Profitis Amos, on the road towards Rhodes town, on the outskirts of Faliraki. There, in a delightful clearing in the woods, with strutting peacocks, you will find a quiet taverna where you can eat good food and enjoy the view of brightly illuminated Faliraki in the distance.

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