Ringworm Information For Sufferers

Ringworm Information For Sufferers

Most people with ringworm are ashamed of their condition. The shared stigma is that poor hygiene has caused the infection. But that is rarely the case.

This is a shared infection that can be found already in the soil, household pests, and domesticated animals. It is caused by Dermatophytes, a kind of fungi that feeds on Keratin, a substance found in the hair, skin and nails.

The kind of ringworm you have depends on where the infection is. Most people don’t know that both athlete’s foot and jock itch are caused by ringworms. The fungus can also cause bald spots, in addition as hair and nails breaking off. But the shared symptom is a circular rash with red and raised edges and healthy-looking skin in the middle.

Ringworm information you should know is that treatment should be started closest. It may take weeks to cure the infection. already if your symptoms are gone, you could nevertheless have the fungus, and may be able to spread it.

Start the treatment with an over-the-counter topical cream or ointment. The most shared ones have Ketoconazole, Miconazole, Clotrimazole or Terbinafine. These have different treatment cycles; some have to be used twice a day, others once a day. Always follow the instructions of your doctor, or those found in the package to prevent side effects, and to make sure the treatment works.

It’s important to wash the infected area before applying these creams, to prevent contaminating the treatment. You should also wash your hands before and after use to prevent from spreading it. Some would recommend covering the rash with bandage to prevent the fungal spores from getting into clothes and bedding. This also prevents you from scratching the itch and spreading ringworm to other parts of your body.

If you do cover the rash with a bandage, make sure the area is dry before you do. This method that the ringworm cream has been absorbed into the skin. Putting a bandage over nevertheless wet anti-fungal ointment can scrape off some of the cream and prevent it from working. Bandaging over the moist rash can also help the ringworm spread because the fungus thrives in warm and wet conditions.

The symptoms should disappear after a week of treatment. Continue the treatment for up to a week after this happens to kill the fungus at the roots. If nothing changes with the rash after 7 days, or if you have an allergic reaction like swelling, burning and redness, consult a doctor.

As you treat the infection, make sure you are not spreading the disease. It is important to learn this ringworm information to avoid infecting friends and family. Household items like bedding and towels should be segregated. Ringworm spores live longer in wet, warm places. This method areas like the kitchen and bathrooms should be cleaned with a bleach solution to kill any lingering fungi. Switching the complete household to anti-fungal soap would also help.

Ringworm can also infect household animals. It may appear in your dog or cat as a ring-shaped bald identify with a rash. Some animals have no visible symptoms, but can nevertheless spread the infection. If you have had contact with the pet since you’ve been infected, it’s best to take it to the vet. If it’s confirmed that the animal has a ringworm, start its treatment closest. You should also vacuum the complete house to remove animal’s hairs. Ringworm can live on the hairs for up to a year. Dispose of the bag used with the vacuum.

Ringworm information you should know includes how to prevent from getting it again. You should always use flip-flops on the beach or when using communal showers or public restrooms. If you go to a gym, make sure they use an anti-fungal cleaning treatment on their equipment. You should also refrain from sharing clothes, and closest launder newly bought items.

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