Sash Window Refurbishment – Much Better Than Buying New Replacements

Sash Window Refurbishment – Much Better Than Buying New Replacements

In today’s modern age we mostly live in a “throw away” society where the cost of repairs tends to far go beyond the cost of substitute. For example, when I was a kid, if an electric motor burned out, it was always rewired and new bearings put in and so repair was normal – I should know, I started my working life doing it. But in 2010 it seems almost no electric motors ever get repaired and it’s been quicker, easier and more economical to throw out the old in favor of a new one. In fact this is not always true that it is smarter to throw-out the old and the perfect example is the refurbishment of sash where often the cost of repairs is truly justified, providing the condition of the timber is capable of repair.

Certainly in some climates and geographic areas like Australia, termites may have completely destroyed the timber and so repair is not possible. However, in areas such as London, this is doubtful to be true at all and providing you find the right refurbishment company, there is much greater economy if refurbishment than there is in the “quick-fix” substitute different. The issue is one of finding a true sash window refurbishment business instead of that only purports to be one. Indeed many say they are all about refurbishment but only use this as a ruse to bully you into accepting a quotation for completely new sash windows.

The main advantage of finding a business that will attempt a refurbishment is that it will be true craftsman that work on your home. Almost any hack can install new sash windows, but only quality tradesman can complete specialized refurbishment work, and they never need to charge a fortune to get the job done. Real tradesmen enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

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