Self Improvement – It Is All About You

Self Improvement – It Is All About You

Having methods, skills, abilities or natural talents, dreams, aspirations and desires add up to only one thing. It is all about you. No one else only you, you take ownership conscious or not for what you feel, think and do. Self Improvement has nothing to do with others. You are simply in three frames of activity at all times proactive, reactive or neutral. Self Improvement is a voluntary activity.

You are the observer of your own reality. You cause the conditions of your own existence. We all live on the 3 planes of existence the spiritual or no thing, the intellect or reasoning and the physical or body. We strive to do only one thing whether conscious or not and that is to live in fuller expansion and expression of who we are and carry out some purpose for our lives. To be proactive in your own self improvement you should understand these concepts and laws.

Living from within we are immersed in our own being. Our self esteem or self image, it is what we think and feel about our “self”. It is here where we originate our concepts, dreams and aspirations. It is from here that we are inspired, motivated and pushed toward or away from what we want or don’t want. Here is where the intangible visions come to mind. The thinking stuff that one can not touch is our inner reality or our true self. We are all connected to the Divine source from where our spirit originates. Our self improvement starts with this acknowledgement.

Intellect or reason is resident in our mind or soul. We reason by logical or illogical calculations or methodologies. however there are two major forms of reason, inductive and deductive. Deductive reasoning is based on what is inductive reasoning is based on probability. Here is where you make your choices, decisions this is our conscious self. There is an invisible wall that connects to the conscious and the body and that is the subconscious part of our being. Here is where the one takes what they think and feel about into the body, by the subconscious mind. Here is where the paradigms, experiences, circumstances or beliefs are filtered or mixed that direct the actions of the body in relation to your dream, idea or concept. Yes, this is the place where self improvement gets hatched.

It is within these first two planes of existence where self improvement ideas are produced filtered. Your personal development or self improvement concepts are incubated here. No matter what you do, self improvement actions will not manifest until these two planes of existence are in congruency as to the focus of your concept. You may ask “why isn’t the subconscious separated into its own plane of existence?” The answer is within Universal Law of Polarity. The Law states that there is an opposite for everything. If you have a front, you have a back. If you have a spirit, you have a physical body. Same coin different sides.

Self Improvement is all about knowing yourself and taking the actions necessary to acquire what ever it is your want to unprotected to. You manifest your thoughts, feelings and actions by the physical place of existence. You think about a cup of coffee and you go and get it. Now, do you consciously think about putting the coffee into the machine, pouring the water or turning the machine on? Of course you don’t. by the Universal Law of Repetition you have long mastered the physical activities which manifest in automaticity. You just do it don’t you?

Actions are manifested by your body and the results are what you have been thinking about, along with the mix from the subconscious mind. If the consequence is what you were looking for then it is logical that your belief in what you did was going to consequence in what you wanted. Now, if the consequence wasn’t what you wanted, then some paradigm or prior conditioning interfered with that consequence. In other words your concept or idea was not congruent with your actions. There was a resistance to part or all of your idea. This resistance is covered under the Universal Law of Non-Resistance. The Law simply stated what you resist persist. This is very important to know for your own self improvement.

In this idea there may have been something that you didn’t do or have faith in. Procrastination is simply a strategy employed to delay an activity that may be laced in uncertainty due to prior experiences acting in your present reality. If you failed to make an objective due to inaction, barring unforeseen circumstances, it was manifested by the behavior of procrastination or distraction as a means for the non action.

If this happens too often then you need to practice focus and concentration as part of your self improvement plans. When you concentrate on your own self improvement you need to really be conscious of any obstacles in your road. Some can just be discarded or ignored, others need to be side stepped or handled. If you are aware of the pitfalls, then you have a place to start. Affirmations work best when they relate to your positive outcome. Your emotions are your fuel that drives your concepts to the finish line.

Self improvement is all about your enhancement, positive growth and bettering yourself and acclimating to your outcomes. Think of self development as an alignment to the outcomes that you want. This is again all about you. It is about what you want, what you see possible for yourself and what you deserve. If any of these things are out of alignment, then you will manifest by the Universal Law of allurement that which you produced, good or bad makes no difference to the Universe.

When you sit down to think about your future, your self improvement or what it is that you want, make sure your define your outcomes along ensure that you feel excited about that prospect or else you will not long last in your own enthusiasm for personal growth. Remember that self improvement is a proactive and voluntary and not something that just happens.

Knowing now that your destiny is determined by your own thoughts, feelings and action; get excited and positive about what your goals or objective are, knock out the resistance and you will make it to the other side. It may take some time and just remember that you must align your thoughts with feeling of accomplishment, to manifest the plans for your own self improvement.

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