Spirit – To Live Free From Struggle, Communicate Directly to Your Spirit

Spirit – To Live Free From Struggle, Communicate Directly to Your Spirit

I learned how to talk to my spirit during meditation. First I set an intention that my Spirit would let me know it was present with me. Then I asked its name.

My Spirit told me her name. Spirits may be male or female or they be androgynous–neither male nor female. Mine happens to be female. As an aside – your spirit is your true identity. Your spirit is your soul, the immortal part of you that knows your past, present and future. For that reason you get accurate information all the time.

For years people who I didn’t know told me my name was not what my given name is. I had no clue what they were talking about. The first time it happened I thought the person was really weird. Only it happened again with another stranger – and they did not know each other.

Then a third person started calling me by this other name. I didn’t know why she chose that name but she did. It turned out to be the name of my Spirit.

Absolutely everything makes sense now. After all, my Spirit is my true identity! How could I not become a believer after such an experience? Add to that this knowledge coming together so perfectly when I was ready to take it on in my life.

Let me tell you knowing the name of my Spirit and the signal that she is here listening to me gave me the push I needed to start asking questions and getting answers.

I asked how to ask the questions and be open to receiving the answers-which usually do not come as spoken messages. My Spirit revealed the different ways I uncover the solutions in my ecosystem.

Maybe I parked in a different part of the huge parking are, far from my usual spaces, so I could discover that a store I thought had gone out of business had just moved to a new location. WOW! I really missed that store too!

Or maybe I switch radio stations and hear a snippet of a song – lyrics that have special and pointed meaning for me right then. Or maybe I do a Google search and this irrelevant consequence pops up that answers a health issue I didn’t already know I had that has caused all kinds of symptoms no one understood!

Discovering how to “hear” and how to ask changed my complete life. Now I do it for every little thing–when I remember too. And life gets richer and more fun by the moment!

It is so easy to do and the rewards? Priceless!

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