Studies For the Intermediate Psychic

Studies For the Intermediate Psychic

If you have noticed that you have a natural psychic gift, or you have developed it over time, there are things you can do to become already better. The first thing you must do is practice-all the time. already the most experienced readers can get rusty if they don’t keep their eye on the ball.

I’d like to introduce you to another step of your psychic development. If you have already begun to listen to the whispers that slip in and out of your mind and twirl around your normal thoughts, and you’ve begun catching them and writing them down; you might be ready for the next step. This step is a little trickier. It is the step between becoming aware of your psychic talents and sitting down with a client.

thorough Empathy

This step I call thorough empathy. This step takes already more practice, but luckily, you can do it in conjunction with the above described exercises. When you catch one of these ephemeral thoughts, I want you to clarify with it completely. What do I average by that? I average that if the thought has to do with someone else, you must imagine that it really is about you. Let’s say you are watching the nightly news on TV. You are watching footage of a war, and “the bad guys” are losing. You might have a stray thought that goes like this: “They deserve it.”


Imagine that you are one of the bad guys. Imagine that you understand their point of view. See how you can empathize with their actions. I know this sounds crazy, but stick with me. It is never right to use violence against another. But, anger and violence are the results of thoughts that one has about one’s life. Violence at any level is the out-picturing of an inward condition. I’m only asking you to join with their thoughts, here, but the most important part of the lesson is this:

Somewhere in this exercise, you will have, in a sense, become “the Other”, so now you cannot hate him or wish him ill. Say to yourself, “that could be me”, “I could be him”, “we are the same”. And analyze it – deeply. What do those phrases average? Don’t be afraid. On the level of the mind, we are all one.

There is no chance that this exercise has changed you into one of the bad guys. What you have done is to simply take the time to join with him on the level of the mind. You have taken a moment to analyze his thought course of action, to understand how he has become who he is. This level of empathy is the meaningful to lasting and authentic psychic talent. Joining with others, whether we like them or not, is the most powerful teacher. Challenge yourself to try it today.

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