Tactics For Winning the Airfare Game and Getting the Best Airfare Possible!

Tactics For Winning the Airfare Game and Getting the Best Airfare Possible!

Knowing “how to” find the best airfare is the secret of getting a cheap airfare.

It seems that every website and newspaper ad claims to have the best airfare obtainable. It’s basic to have the right research skills to search for cheap airfares.

Begin your search to find the cheapest airfare by searching the websites that compare airlines that service with the itinerary you’re planning. The on line service Matrix ITA  (see URL below) tracks all published airfares for the world’s biggest airlines.  Most regional/discount airlines are not included. Matrix site uses a course of action commonly called “thorough linking” and consequently searches a lot more itineraries and airlines than others.

The downside to using “published airfare site” is that you can’t buy an airline ticket there, you have to go to the airline website.  But it is free!  You won’t have to use a lot of time checking every airline website. You can thin the field to 3 or 4 real quick. You can check other on line sets, too.  As you check, notice that other sites give different quotes for the same exact plane and itinerary! If you check other on-line sets and find a fare lower than the published Matrix ITA fare, you’ll know you have a good deal. If you can find an airfare for 20%-40% less than the airline’s published airfare you might want to “jump on it”.

Invest an hour and a few “clicks” and you can save $100s on your next airfare. If you think you’ve got a good deal – jump on it – airlines change their fares at a moment’s notice and good fares sell fast.

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