Tesco apologise after customer finds “cat s**t” attached to sandwich

Tesco apologise after customer finds “cat s**t” attached to sandwich

TESCO has apologised after a customer claimed he found “cat s**t” attached to his sandwich.

Ronnie Henry was fuming when he opened his £2.75 Smoked Ham and Mature Cheese Sub from Tesco Express in Eastfield, Wolverhampton.

Ronnie was about to tuck into his sandwich when he spotted what appeared to be faeces stuck to the side of the roll.

The object had been attached to the bottom of the bread.                                                                        (C) Ronnie Henry

A vile image shows the sub in its packaging with a four inch brown object laying next to it. 

The disgusting object nevertheless has a small amount of the bread stuck to it where it was clearly attached to the Tesco sandwich. 

Ronnie complained to Tesco on Monday on Twitter, writing: “Bought a ham and cheese sub from @Tesco, anyone got an idea what the f**k this is that was stuck in the bread?

“Might be something to do with the bread but looks like cat s**t to me.

“Straight in the bin.”

Tesco replied: “Hi Ronnie, thanks for getting in touch with us. 

“I am very sorry to learn that you found this inside your sub and I understand the concern caused by this. 

“We take great pride in providing our customers with the best quality of products, so to hear this has disappointed me.

“I would like to advise that you return to a Tesco Metro, additional or Superstore, at your earliest convenience, with the packaging and your receipt so that this can be fully investigated.

“When you return it to the store my colleagues at the customer service desk will help you fill in the right paperwork so this can be investigated further.

“If you want to be contacted about the outcome of the investigation then let my colleagues know and you will be contacted within 14 to 30 days by our executive response team.

“Again I’m very sorry that this happened and I hope that I’ve been able to help you get this investigated further.

The object is thought to be cat or fox faeces.                                                                                          (C) Ronnie Henry

Several shocked viewers commented on Ronnie’s tweet agreeing that the object does look like animal faeces. 

@vinboz said: “Cat turd.” 

@adwwfc commented: “Looks like cat s-t for f-k sake.”

@lewis_wwfc replied: “I was gonna say, looks like cat s**t.”

@Clive62710313 additional: “Looks like a fox poo.”

Speaking today, Ronnie said: “I was horrified when I saw it.

“I took it out of the packaging and for some reason I looked underneath it, not sure what prompted me to do that.

“And there was a piece of brown stuff that literally looks like cat or fox faeces.

“I got straight in touch with them on Twitter and I’ve taken it back to the store for it to go off to be investigated.

“I’m just waiting on an answer from Tesco as to what it truly is as I’ve sent it back to them for them to probe.”


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