The Absolute Best Way to Beat a Traffic Ticket!

The Absolute Best Way to Beat a Traffic Ticket!

The best way to beat a traffic ticket and not go to court and not need cheap lawyers or US attorneys is to not get the ticket in the first place. So how does one go about not getting a traffic ticket? The best way is too not draw attention to your self. The human eye is trained to notice things that are different from everything else in the ecosystem; the police being human respond the same way and they truly are trained to react to things that are different. If a pretty blond in a convertible with the music turned up is going to attract a lot more attention than a pretty blond with the top up and no abnormal sounds coming out of the car.

Mechanical faults give the police a automatic reason to stop you and then once they have you stopped they are going to be looking for other problems, so if you don’t have any obvious mechanical problems like cracked windshields or tail light out and you don’t do anything foolish, they will more times than not leave you alone. You will sooner or later get pulled over for mechanical problems so deal with them as fast as possible to lessen the opportunities to be pulled over.

People automatically get nervous & upset when a cop pulls up behind them and for good reason, many tickets can cause your auto insurance rates to go up sometimes hundreds of dollars a year, add to that a day off of work to appear in court some tickets being harsh enough that you need a lawyer to represent you, which costs you money in addition not counting fines, which for many jurisdictions are considered profit centers for the local government, a Gotcha Tax if you will. If a cop pulls up behind you don’t do anything but continue to excursion in a legal manner, chances are they are looking to see if you will spook or maybe they are on their way to lunch and you just happen to be the car in front of them at that moment, if you don’t do something like pull off the road or make a sudden turn or play with stuff inside the car which signals to them that there might be something that they should probe they will most of the time continue on their way or look for a more tempting target.

Avoid traveling at night especially around the times that the local bars close. With Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) such high priorities for most police departments they actively patrol late at night and are looking for reasons to pull people over to check to see if they are drinking. Talking on your phone, switching lanes a lot, rolling stops, slightly over the speed limit, are all triggers that can get you pulled over. There are also DUI and DWI check points being very possible on holiday weekends and around big events many people have been giving tickets for dumb things that are a surprise to them like their Drivers license expired 2 months ago or they forgot to put the new insurance card in the glove box like they typically do when the renewal comes in the mail.

State lines are patrolled more heavily on the interstates. When you are near to a state line the chances that there are police present is much higher than in other locations be especially vigilant in these areas. The same goes double if you are near international USA border areas as there is more law enforcement around looking for drugs and illegal immigrants.

If you do get pulled over being polite friendly specialized cooperative can go a long way towards influencing the police that you are not a menace to society which will sometimes get you a warning. if it is obvious that they are giving the ticket continue to be polite and friendly but do not try to talk your way out of it if you plan to fight the ticket, as the police will record some of what you say and can use it against you or just write comments on the back of the ticket which many times the estimate or the bailiff will see.

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