The strength of adventure

strength in this context is not will strength and that is not what I will be talking about. I will be talking about the strength of God to do great adventure. Jesus did great works and He said greater work shall you do also, which method you can do better and don’t think you cannot. Daniel in the bible had an excellent Spirit; Spirit in this context method strength which method when you have this strength you will be doing adventure in your field. What then is adventure, adventure is something that is exceptional, can be famous. It makes people glorify God for your life.

Four important tools that continue your adventure:

(1) devote yourself to reading

(2) accepted wisdom

(3) Live a powerful and fervent prayer life.

(4) Continuous kingdom service.

(1) Devote yourself to reading:

Reading anointed books written by proven authors. Only those who read that leads but those who refuse to read become slave. If you want people to remember you for how well you read not how well you watch television. Many people watch television so much that their mentality decry. Going to a bookshop is not going for excursion to look for what was not loss, it is a place where you get books that will bless you and you become a blessing and testimony to men. Charles Darwin who was used by the devil to draw people from God was wrongly thought by the book he bought and read already when he was in the seminary. Watch the books you read and buy because we now have many authors’ home and oversea just writing to make money and to be popular. We have many quick high books nowadays and many are deceive to buy already if it is not willingly, some already tell them to play lottery. Don’t join them to play lottery because you will soon fall into their trap and you will soon find out that you are in a pool game. Any books you see buy and you will win $5000 at the back or anywhere are not ideal for you, refuse to buy them. What you read will determine what you will be. People who are called professor were professor because of the books they read. If you need to be a professor, you need to read books in reference to your field because professors are people of reference. The bible talks about what to read in reference to Isa34:16.

(2) Accepted wisdom:

Wisdom here method you must accept learning and thinking as habits. Wisdom method in this context method the know-how. Wisdom is the principal tool and gets it and you will have what you want. The accepted wisdom is divine wisdom which makes you to be above all, above all here method to do adventure. Many people crack their brains too much and don’t already reasoning, some already find it difficult to ponder upon what they have read in books and scriptures, you need time to do this. If you without this wisdom why not ask God in faith because He gives to all liberally according to James 1:5-8 in the bible. Divine Wisdom will always promote you.

(3) Prayer:

Prayer is a time for encounter where strength can be acquired. This is the alter of strength and place for divine intervention. The bible says that “the effectual and fervent prayer of a righteous availed much but their many adversaries”. These adversaries can be contended with by praying. The bible also says that when the enemy come like a flood the Spirit of the lord shall lift up a standard against them, how does this happen? It is by praying creating air for the Spirit of God. Prayer in this context is not five minute prayer, but effective and meaningful. Develop a daily prayer life and make sure it is God you are praying to. Many people don’t need to pray for long to have their prayer answered but some pray for one hour but don’t already pass their nose for answer.

(4) Continuous kingdom service:

The bible said those that serve God shall be strong and they will do adventure. Kingdom service is what automatically qualifies you for exploits. When you obey this instruction of service you will be on high, the reward is forever. If you serve God He shall service you that service are adventure. This must be done with a willing and loving heart. God only discriminate you when you serve HIM.

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