The Top 3 replaceable Energy supplies

The Top 3 replaceable Energy supplies

Most modern nations depend on natural gas, oil and coal to supply the majority of their energy needs, but dependence on fossil fuels is a huge dilemma. Fossil fuels are considered a finite resource, meaning the world can and will run fresh out of fossil fuels. These fuels can also cause pollution of the air, soil and water. However, people are turning to replaceable energy supplies.

Here are the top three replaceable energy supplies:

The first of the top three replaceable energy supplies is solar energy, and is probably the best known method. The sun is our most powerful, natural energy source. Solar energy which is sunlight, can be implemented for light, heat, cooling homes, electricity, heating water, and much more industrial processes. Most replaceable energy forms are derived either indirectly or directly from the sun. for example, the heat from sun makes the wind blow. This in turn contributes to growth of plants and trees used for biomass energy. This plays an important role in the evaporation and precipitation cycle that empowers hydropower.

The second of the top three replaceable energy supplies is wind energy. The wind is air movement that happens when warm air ascends and cooler air dashes in, replacing it. The energy of wind has been a centuries-old tool for sailing ships and driving windmills to grind up grain. Currently, wind energy is used to generate electricity via wind turbines.

The third top replaceable energy source is hydropower. The force of water flowing downstream is powerful. Water is a replaceable resource itself, regularly being recharged by the evaporation-precipitation cycle. The heat from the sun causes the water in oceans and lakes to evaporate, thereby forming clouds. The most familiar part of course is the water falling back to earth as rain or snow, draining into flows and rivers that return to the ocean. The strength of flowing water can be used to excursion water wheels. The energy can be captured by generators and turbines and used to generate electricity.

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