Three-bedroom flat worth £300,000 up for grabs for the price of a take…

The apartment, which is located in Lucan, Dublin, is being raffled off with tickets costing about £14.50, with about 1,000 sold since the set afloat last week, say organisers

The three bedroom apartment is located in Dublin

A three-bed apartment worth over £300,000 is up for grabs, all for the price of a takeaway pizza.

The apartment, located in Lucan, Dublin, is being raffled off with tickets costing about £14.50 (€17.50).

Keith Mooney has organised the raffle and said they have sold 1,000 tickets since the set afloat last Thursday, Dublin Live reports.

He said: “I thought it was a bright way of selling a character, but also giving someone else the opportunity to get into the character market by just spending the price of a takeaway pizza.

“Being rent free, mortgage free, for the rest of your life basically. It’s something that can change someone’s whole life.”

Keith Mooney has organised the raffle and said 1,000 tickets have been sold already

Keith said the reaction to the raffle has been “really positive” so far.

Keith said: “We only launched on Thursday afternoon. We’ve a thousand (tickets) sold so far. We have 60,000 tickets but realistically we possibly aren’t going to unprotected to that.

“But the reaction so far has been really positive. Positive messages, positive comments.

The apartment is 1,500 square feet

“People are really struggling at the moment in the character market, either paying extortionate rents or struggling to pay the mortgage. From our point of view there’s going to be a family or a single person who can finally own their own home.”

Keith has lived in the apartment for 13 years and hopes to one day open a rural retreat for people battling with addiction and mental health problems.

Short term, he is hoping to get a character with enough space to build a granny flat for his or his wife’s parents, so they can “look after the people who are closest to us”.

The winner will be decided by raffle

The apartment, which is 1,500 sq feet, will come fully furnished to the lucky winner.

The character is described as having “three additional large double rooms, with the master bedroom en suite. Built in wardrobes in each bedroom, very large and expansive living room and kitchen, a very large hallway including 2 additional storage rooms, 2 balcony’s, one of which leads to a communal garden shared by 2 other apartments in a private walled garden.”

The winner will be picked either when all 60,000 tickets are sold, or on February 20th 2022, whichever comes sooner.

The winner will also receive €10,000 cash.

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