Today’s Technology Connects Jewish Youths to Judaism

The COVID-19 virus, turned into a declared pandemic, with the extended lockdown of the complete population, harsh restrictions and the closing of the complete school system doors, has opened a new door of opportunity to Jewish education. More so, to virtually connect to the Holy Scriptures and the ancient Hebrew language.

speed Technology

The speed technology, a virtual conferencing platform, offering much flexibility, became the premier education canal while schools were closed.

Jewish kids who were seeking to continue, or begin, their Jewish education were at a loss as the specialty Jewish-Hebrew schools and classes became unavailable in the educational system confusion.

By information of mouth a new occurrence unfolded. The “cheder,” the traditional Jewish elementary school, teaching the basics of Judaism and the Hebrew language, went virtual, an online modern cheder initiated and directed by the Jewish Virtual Academy (JVA).

It began by networking by a few parents, here and there, mainly seeking a place where their kids could continue or start their Jewish education while they were safe, at home, away from risking catching COVID infection.

Learning Judaism – photo credit the Jewish Virtual Academy

But the information of mouth escalated, with more parents getting informed and consequently more kids joining the classes, already going nationwide, now in California, Florida, Oregon, New York.

According to Rabbi Mendel Zajac, time zones are immaterial. There are teachers and qualified rabbinical scholars, all over the world, mostly members of the Chabad-Lubavitch Movement, who are ready to teach in Europe, Australia, South Africa, or the American continent. “A rabbi, a parent contacts us and we open a virtual class for the students seeking to attend a class,” the enthusiastic young Rabbi Zajac tells me with confidence.

If at the beginning Jewish learning online was ONLY to fill in the permanent COVID restrictions’ gap, with the calls to expand it and the exponential student’s growth, the ‘modern cheder’ has become a long-lasting Jewish learning online characterize, an online long-lasting schooling forum.

Jewish Virtual Academy

The driving force is The Jewish Virtual Academy

The driving force is the Jewish Virtual Academy (JVA), Directed by Rabbi Mendel Zajac, considering itself to be a grassroots, online school forum that provides, mainly, Scriptures studies – Limudei Kodesh – – לימודי קודש separately for boys and girls, 1st-to-8th grade.

Online learning Judaism – photo credit the Jewish Virtual Academy

The goal of JVA is to give the Jewish family Jewish education online, a light approach to Jewish history and to keep close to their Jewish tradition.

In a small class setting – Monday to Thursday – talented, dedicated, passionate educators, following an engaging online curriculum, assist every student learn, evolve and unprotected to results to the best of his or her ability and perhaps to do already better, beyond self-expectations.

The Jewish Virtual Academy takes pride in its Jewish online schooling forum, now fast growing by abundant need.

Nowadays, we are living in times of out-the ordinary education air, to which society is getting accustomed to. Whether kids are homeschooled or parents are seeking online Jewish education options, while Jewish education is not freely obtainable, JVA is ready to provide the best and encompassing Jewish education.

Technology Connects Jewish Youths to Judaism

Students at JVA assistance from live classes, small group instruction, and self-paced learning.

JVA online Jewish education curricula focuses on skilled-based learning that includes the Hebrew language writing and reading. The students study Chumash, the Torah five books, Mishnayot, the collection of Jewish oral laws, Gemara, the part of the Talmud comprising rabbinical examination of and commentary on the Mishnah, Halacha (Halakha), the collective body of Jewish religious laws which is derived from the written and Oral Torah, Yediot Klaliyot, the wide range of topics, and the Parsha, the Torah portion subjects.

Additionally, JVA curricula offers an add-on learning that gives the student a greater scope on Jewish history timeline and the Taryag Mitzvot, the 613 Commandments.

The JVA complete curriculum gives every student the basic tools needed to be able to take the next step of growth in any kind of learning on their own.

If Jewish boys who arrived at their 13th birthday, Bar Mitzvah age, could not find a place to study for their greatest turning point in life, the ‘Aliyah’ – the calling of a member of a Jewish congregation to the bimah – the synagogue podium – for a part of Torah reading – JVA came to their aid with its preparedness for Bar Mitzvah online program.

Teachers Are Always Needed, Many Are obtainable

The “secret” of JVA virtual Judaism learning is the Chabad-Lubavitch Movement fantastic Jewish education and their devotion to improvement and grow traditional and religious Judaism, worldwide.

If a Chabad teacher or a scholar – a man or a woman – for any reason whatsoever cannot form an in person teaching class, JVA will be there to prepare all the logistics for him to have a class online.

If there are some Jews distributed in rural areas and are lacking a community base but wish their children to receive Jewish education, JVA will attend to their needs in addition.

The Jewish nation is small in number and it is experiencing growing assimilation, meaning its members are distancing themselves from their Judaism base. To repair this worrisome occurrence the Jewish Virtual Academy is here to help to save a nation from losing its members by providing them with their ancient Scriptures’ knowledge.

For more information on complete Jewish education online. call: 323-539-4564 PST.

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