Vampire Diaries Bonnie Bennett

Vampire Diaries Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie Bennett Profile

Bonnie is a seventeen-year-old, African-American, student at Mystic Falls High School. She has chocolate-brown hair and green eyes. She is best friends with Elena Gilbert. She also has a range of supernatural powers including clairvoyance, pyrokinesis, telekinesis and aquakinesis thanks to the lineage of Witches in her family.

Bonnie is a very supportive and loyal friend who would do anything for someone she cares about. She doesn’t have a lot of confidence in her abilities, but is very protective and will help anyone who needs it. She is popular and fun loving. After discovering her family’s Witch heritage, she has become more interested in that part of her life. Bonnie seems to worry a lot, especially if it involves Elena.

Character History:
Season 1:
Bonnie always jokes about her grandmothers’ claims that she is psychic, but becomes disturbed when she can characterize actual psychic abilities. In the early episodes, Bonnie has visions upon touching certain people. Bonnie makes a disturbing prediction about Mr. Tanner’s death. She is left feeling unsettled and no longer jokes about her abilities.

After lighting candles at the Founders’ Party with just a thought, she learns you can set fires with her mind. This talent appears to be triggered by strong emotions when she sets a blue Volkswagen Jetta on fire by being annoyed with a cheerleader at the fundraiser named Tiki. During the fundraiser, she also learns that she can control water when she causes a geyser to come from a bucket and soak Tiki after she is rude to a customer.

During the Jetta fire incident, Stefan breaks her trance and knows Bonnie was responsible for the fire. Stefan also doesn’t appear to be surprised by her powers or by the fact that she has them. This new development makes Bonnie upset and she goes to her grandmother for help. After the tomb is opened and after learning a lot about her powers, Bonnie is hit really hard by the loss of her grandmother.

Bonnie lives with her father since her parents are divorced. Grams is her grandmother and she is a college professor that claims to be a Witch. Grams believes Bonnie possesses the same powers. Bonnie is a direct-line descendent of a woman accused of witchcraft at the Salem Witch Trials by her grandmother. The trials occurred in the Salem area of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1692. Bonnie’s fourth great grandmother is Emily, a powerful witch. Emily arrived in Mystic Falls in 1864 as a young woman working as a handmaiden to the vampire Katherine Pierce. Emily owned the talisman that has been passed on to Bonnie.

Character Relationships:
Elena Gilbert:
Bonnie’s best friend is Elena and they have a very close relationship that is almost like sisters. There is not much known about their friendship before Elena’s parents died, but scenes during most episodes suggest that their friendship was very close. It appears that both women would risk their lives in order to protect each other as can be seen in the episode ‘Fool Me Once’ after Elena protects Bonnie from Ben.

Caroline Forbes:
Bonnie and Caroline also appear close, although they aren’t as open with each other as Elena and Bonnie. In the episode ‘History Repeating’, Caroline says that she considers Bonnie to be a best friend. In the ‘Pilot’ episode, Bonnie takes charge of Caroline after she is too drunk to go home and appears to work as a go-between for Caroline and Elena who have an up-and-down friendship.

Sheila “Grams” Bennett:
Sheila is Bonnie’s grandmother and is always called Grams. Sheila is also a Witch. Shelia is responsible for helping Bonnie accept and hone her new powers. Sheila and Bonnie are very close. Grams dies is the episode ‘Fool Me Once’ and this affects Bonnie greatly.

Random Facts:
· Drives a Toyota Prius. It was blue in the ‘Pilot’, but changes to white in ‘Friday Night Bites’.
· Bonnie is a cheerleader.

Katerina Graham’s Thoughts on Bonnie:
During an on-set interview with The CW Source, Graham describes the character of Bonnie in the following way:
“Bonnie is very sweet, loyal, selfless, goodhearted best friend. I don’t know if you ever had that best friend that you grew up with that was always there for you, ride or die. Bonnie is that. She’s very intuitive. She can vibe out certain things. She’s innocent and sweet which I really love about her. She has had this sort of texture to her that’s very clean and pure which I think is clearly a great platform to be a psychic. I average who expect little Bonnie Bennett to torch a car. I love that. I love her vibe. Her energy is just so sweet and love and she’s just a great friend.”

During Season 1, Graham was asked about any possible love interests for her character Bonnie and she replied with the following:
“I honestly have no clue, I have no idea. I really love the fact that the writers are focusing on Bonnie as herself, she’s not affected by any man she’s just really focused on figuring out who she is right now. I think that’s such a great thing for a young woman to have. Its like, ‘You know what, I am going to figure out who I am first!’ I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on the fact that Bonnie doesn’t have a man right now and isn’t obsessed with a boy. I heard that I am not going to have any action for a very long time and that kind of makes me happy. If it happens, it happens, it might happen in the next episode but I really have no idea. I don’t know until about the day before we shoot it sometimes so we’ll see.”

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