Venus Retrogrades Are Not Always Roses and Romance

Venus Retrogrades Are Not Always Roses and Romance

Prior to the transit across the Sun, Venus turns retrograde on May 15th and then squares Mars on June 4. Venus lives in the sign of the Twins, Gemini, during all of this activity. Venus in retrograde can set the tone for years to come especially when it touches Mercury (communications) and Mars (action, war). This combination makes for a combustible, emotional time that will have a profound impact for many months and possibly years ahead.

Relationships on all levels will take on an additional serious tone. Given the duplicitous character of Gemini, we can expect several events, particularly in the political and financial arenas, to appear to be one thing and then, unexpectedly, be revealed to be something thoroughly different. This is definitely not a good time to invest or to believe the pundits as they will be as confused as the rest of us. Romance is going to take a hit in addition. Remember that ‘bright and shiny’ does not always equal quality. Expect a scandal or two to shake things up and possibly stay that way over the summer months.

There is a sense of fate that will come into play as the consequence of a meaningful world event, whether that is the start of a conflict, or a emotional geological or meteorological occurrence (volcano, earthquake or hurricane or some combination) is not clear. It will seem as if a ghost of the past has returned to haunt us in the present. The second week of June could be an important one, both here and oversea.

Venus will be impacted by a total Lunar Eclipse and the Neptune retrograde, the Sea God, also going backwards and bringing that energy to the party in addition. There is an irony to this as at the minimum one legend of Aphrodite/Venus’ birth is that she rose complete grown from the sea foam. As she starts her new cycle, an astrological rebirth if you will, she does so as the Lord of the Sea begins a reward dance into retrograde motion.

The possibility of violence, emotional and physical, is extremely high during when this lineup occurs is a real possibility. The world will be shaken and perhaps awakened by events which could well determine a course of action throughout the year. This is certainly a time to take stock of what matters, and more importantly, what does not matter. Negotiations will flounder and matters that were swept under the carpet of the past will push forward and need a resolution one way or another.

The Mayans understood the strength that a Venus transit could bring to the table. Using their skills as astrologers and astronomers, they applied what is known as ‘electional astrology’ to determine the best time for events. Understanding the possible impact of the upcoming transits like this, we can prepare ourselves, emotionally and psychically, at the very least for the kind of profound events which this aspect could herald.

Ultimately, how we deal with these events will determine the path forward. As the Sage wrote: “The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but with ourselves”. For those who do specialized psychic readings and astrology charts, this is a time that we may all remember.

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