Virginia DUI Laws – Consequences of Driving Drunk

Virginia DUI Laws state that a drunk driving arrest triggers two situations. There is an administrative case handled by the department of motor vehicles which results in an immediate 7 day drivers license suspension. However, it also launches a case in criminal court.

If the prosecutor chooses to pursue the drunk driving charge, he must prove that you were either driving under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or certain classes of prescription drugs which impaired your driving ability, or he must prove that you were “per se” driving drunk by having a blood alcohol level (BAC) of .08% or greater.

A first time drunk driving conviction can consequence in a $2500 fine, one year in jail, and the loss of your driving privileges for a year under Virginia DUI laws. The estimate must suspend your license for a year, but he can allow restricted driving privileges if you complete the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program.

Your sentence will be enhanced and made more harsh if you have past convictions. Some circumstances consequence in mandatory jail sentences.

You have the right to refuse a blood alcohol test as part of the right against self incrimination. However, a condition of receiving a Virginia driver’s license is the “implied consent” to such tests. This method that there are additional driver’s license consequences if you refuse to take such a test. If you are convicted of drunk driving based on other evidence and refused to take a test, you will have an additional one year suspension of your license.

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