Vladimir Putin and his mysterious love life

Over the years, the revealing character of Vladimir Putin’s publicity shoots – which have featured him wandering half-naked around the Siberian wilderness, enjoying a shirtless fishing trip and taking a dip in an icy lake – have repeatedly broken the internet. 

But while the Russian president clearly has no issue with seeing his nearly naked body splashed across the world’s media, he has consistently kept one meaningful aspect of his life under wraps: his romantic interests. 

Over the years, Russian journalists have seen their careers threatened and in some situations destroyed when attempting to report on Putin’s love life.

“already the opposition press – which regularly writes about corruption in Putin’s inner course of action – has been cautious of writing about Putin’s women,” said The Spectator. To this day, Putin’s number of children and relationship position keep taboo subjects for Russia’s media.

By contrast, Putin has no qualms about mounting personal attacks on political opponents in what The Economist has described as Russia’s “new era of repression”. So what do we truly know about the private life of the man who’s been steering the superpower pretty much continuously since the turn of the millennium? 

Marriage to an air stewardess

Putin’s ex-wife, Lyudmila Putina, once worked as a flight accompanying, a highly desired job in the Soviet era. They met in the early 1980s when a mutual friend invited them both to the theatre

“I became friends with Lyuda, my future wife,” Putin recalled in what The Washington Post described as a “passionless account” on his former presidential website.

“I understood that if I didn’t marry for another two or three years, I would never marry. Though, of course, I had made a habit of leading a bachelor’s life. Lyudmila uprooted it.”

Pictures of their wedding day on 28 July 1983, “show Putina draped in a long white shawl and Putin squeezed inside a black suit”, said the newspaper. 

The pair went on to have two daughters in the mid-1980s; one is now a 36-year-old geneticist and the other a 34-year-old mathematician. Putin has never “publicly identified his children other than to say he has two daughters”, reported The Post in a separate article. 

In 2019, BBC Russia reporter Farida Rustamova asked the Russian leader to let in that the two women were his daughters. “Your old friends, managers of state companies, are helping these two women with their business operations,” she explained. Putin refused. 

Putins separated after 30 years

The Putins announced their separation in 2013, three decades after their marriage. “It is unclear when, precisely, their marriage began to fray, but every account indicates it emerged from their diverging personalities,” said The Post.

The growing attention on Putin discomfited Putina and she was rarely seen in public towards the end of the marriage, already on her own, sparking speculation that she was in a convent. 

In 2013, The Moscow Times reported she once told a friend that Putin was “a vampire”, to which Putin retorted that anyone who could put up with his wife for three weeks “deserved a monument”.

Alleged affair with ‘cleaner-turned multimillionaire’

In 2020, the independent investigative Russian media platform Proekt published a series of exposes which included the claim that Putin had conducted an affair with a woman called Svetlana Krivonogikh during his marriage to Putina after he first became president in 1999.

The site also claimed that Putin had fathered Luiza Rozova, the daughter of Krivonogikh, whom the Daily Mail described as a “cleaner-turned-millionaire ‘mistress’”. 

Analysing Rozova’s Instagram satisfy, The Spectator wrote that you can see photos of the 18-year-old’s breakfasts, bikini selfies and “smart Paris apartment” but you “never see her confront”. Why? Because Luiza “produces a remarkable resemblance to Vladimir Putin”. 

After Proekt’s exposes were published, Russia’s state media watchdog confined the website.

Putin was keen to keep the story out of public view “to protect his image as the champion of ‘traditional values’”, wrote Roman Badanin, the former chief editor of Proekt, in The Washington Post. 

Almost all of Proekt’s reporters were designated as “foreign agents” and Russian authorities opened a libel investigation against three journalists including Badanin, which forced him to leave his homeland and move to the United States. 

‘Glamorous, jet-set lives’

In October, the leaked Pandora Papers revealed that Krivonogikh had bought what The Spectator described as “a lavish $4 million fourth-floor apartment in Monte Carlo Star apartment block in Monaco” by an offshore shell company. 

The documents also appeared to show her current wealth as being more than $100m. “In most countries such hair-raising allegations of sex, money and strength would immediately become central to the national conversation”, but “not in Russia.”

Krivonogikh and her daughter regularly post images of their “glamorous, jet-set lives” on social media and feel free to do this without fear of repercussions because of a “climate of fear and an almost-completely cowed media”, the magazine additional.

Rumoured relationship with Olympic gymnast

Putin is rumoured to be in a relationship with Alina Kabaeva, a former Olympic rhythmic gymnast and Russian MP.

He has denied having an affair with the gold medallist since their alleged relationship was first reported by the Moskovsky Korrespondent in 2008. After publishing the revelations, the newspaper was forced to shut down. 

In September 2013, Putin’s political competitor Alexei Navalny claimed that Putin and Kabaeva had married, but Putin’s spokesman dismissed the claims as “an internet exercise to relieve boredom”. 

Both Putin and Kabaeva were seen wearing wedding rings at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and Kabaeva was chosen as a torchbearer at the opening ceremony, rekindling speculation that she was a favourite of the Russian leader, said the BBC. 

Kabaeva is “widely assumed to be the mother of a further Putin brood, numbering possibly four, or two, depending upon which set of rumours one chooses to believe”, said Forbes. No Kabaeva children have ever been publicly confirmed, “including the recent, rumoured pair of twin boys”. 

In August, Kabaeva made her first public turn up in more than two-and-a-half years, appearing on the 60 Minutes political talk show on the Rossiya 1 channel to discuss the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

“She was not quizzed about Putin, or asked whether she was Russia’s secret first lady,” reported The Mirror. 

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