We Are Avant Travel Business Opportunity Explained and Reviewed

We Are Avant Travel Business Opportunity Explained and Reviewed

We are Avant is a nascent company. Brent Payne established it in February 2010. before Brent Payne was very famous for freedom league global, which was forced to shut down, he was the co-founder of that company.

The product of the company has three parts, one of them is the course, and the other two are events. Their product is related to personal development of individuals in groups. The company will give you six different opportunities to earn.

They intend to bring better changes in you, so that you can find and follow your dreams. Their main goal is to increase personal awareness and help you succeed in your life.

The first part of their product is a home based course that lasts for 72 days, the main purpose of this course is to help you to discover the positive in your personality, it helps you to discover the truth of yourself. Avant believes that the people who discover their true self can understand the universe better and they can contribute to the well-being of the universe.

Their course is named elevate, it includes DVD program, some books and workbooks. The price of the set is $1595 (well, the price is too high). According to them, $595 from this payment is their, and the remaining $1000 is your profit.

Now let’s talk about the profit that you can get, Avant promises a profit of $200 on every sales you, or your team member makes (the profits are high too). They offer a 72 days money back guarantee on their product.

All this sounds too good to be true, as the company is new so there is not much information about it in the market and people do not know if they are a scam or not. consequently, my advice to you is that be very careful, if you plan to use the Avant program.

The second part is an event that is held in different parts of the world. At this event, you can meet other people who are using Avant, activities will be given to you, and there will be live inspirational lectures. This event last for three days and is of $9495 and you have a residual override of $1000, if you member makes a sale.

The third part of this product asks you to go beyond and discover new horizons of success. It is the second event of the program and it helps you to practice what you have learned from the course. There are dinners and meetings with people. This shows you how to bring a positive change in your life.

The total price of this product is $16495, and you earn a commission of $2000 whenever a new member enrolls.


You could not be confident about the company, we have examples of other companies, that give huge profits and they are all legal and true. We are Avant can be and cannot be a fraud. If we keep, the founder’s first product in mind freedom League global, then this product is not very reliable.

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