Web great number Beginner – What You Should Know About Shared and Dedicated Hosting

Web great number Beginner – What You Should Know About Shared and Dedicated Hosting

When it comes to picking a hosting for your website, there is always a general confusion especially for newbie. “How come there are so many different kind of hosting like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting and etc?”, the newbie asks. Well, those are different products serving different needs of websites. The next question pops up, “what are my needs?”

Generally, when you want to great number your website, it is going to be either shared or dedicated hosting. 95% of the people decide within these 2.

proportion Hosting

Shared hosting is shared among other users. A web great number provider will divide a big piece of hosting into smaller partition and will allocate the storage to each user. There might be up to hundreds of website sharing the same resources. Besides, there is only one internet connection linking all the different partitions to the internet. That method all websites hosted under that same big piece of hosting proportion the same IP address.

The biggest advantage of shared hosting is their price. Since the hosting service is shared among users, the cost follows too. consequently it can be very cheap, as cheap as $2 per year. Also, it is meant for user-friendly where most of the settings are made default and managed by real veterans. Shared hosting is perfect for beginner.

Although shared hosting sounds great with low pricing and big resources it has disadvantages too. Websites hosted under the same hosting will impact each others. If a website exceeds the usage of the allocated resources other website will be affected; in term of SEO aspect, your site will be affected if your website is hosted together with banned sites; and etc. However, these disadvantages can be easily solved by you picking up a responsible great number.

Dedicated Hosting

When you subscribe to dedicated hosting, a dedicated and independent server computer with be purposely set up for you. You own the total space and resources. You have flexibility to do anything with the hosting. The actual benefits you get from it are numerous, including dedicated IP, dedicated bandwidth, dedicated computing strength and etc. These are things really important for a huge website.

However, with more flexibility, that method user will need to make more decisions in deciding how the hosting should be. More technical knowledge will be needed to continue the hosting. Although the staff from a web great number company is willing to help but most of the actual work has to be done by you. Also in term of pricing, as opposed to the shared hosting, dedicated hosting is expensive. The price can go up to a few hundred per month.

In conclusion, you need to understand what your needs are. You should go for shared hosting if you have a small to medium size website; you should go for dedicated hosting if you have a huge size website. However, the price for dedicated hosting is not easily bearable for new website. consequently I suggest them to go with shared hosting first and upgrade to dedicated hosting along the way. Hints: Get a shared hosting provider that allows upgrade.

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