What Does Your Left Eyelid Twitching At 9am Signifies?

It is shared to feel the sudden involuntary movement or spasms in the eyelids or eye twitching. There have been a number of superstitions associated with it way before scientific/medical explanations for these continued or intermittent involuntary muscle twitches had been established,

seemingly, it was said that these twitches are character’s way of warning a person about some impending problems or an indication of some good news on the way. In fact, there are different versions of myth associated with eye twitching in different cultures around the world.

Twitching of the left eye is considered to be either a bad or a good omen, depending upon which culture we are referring to. These superstitions take into account the gender and the part of the eye in which the twitching is observed in addition.

According to Chinese sayings, left eye twitching is associated with the impending arrival of some good fortune or good news. In contrast, the twitching of the right eye foretells an approaching misfortune or a bad omen headed your way!

In the case of women, the tables are turned. The twitching right eye signifies good luck, while a twitching left one is considered a bad omen. Others also believe where a twitch in the lower left eyelid method you can expect to cry soon, or someone is gossiping about you.

Here are some interesting left eye twitching superstitions in the Chinese culture, based on the time of the day in which your eye is twitching.

RAT (11pm to 1am): Meeting with a helpful noble man.

OX (1am to 3am): Worrying times ahead.

TIGER (3am to 5am): A visitor from another city or country.

RABBIT (5am to 7am): Welcome a visitor to your home today.

DRAGON (7am to 9am): A visitor from another city or country.

SNAKE (9am to 11am): Expect an invitation to an important dinner party.

HORSE (11am to 1pm): Expect an invitation to an important dinner party.

SHEEP (1pm to 3pm): A financially auspicious event will happen.

MONKEY (3pm to 5pm): Loss of money or physical harm in some way is expected.

ROOSTER (5pm to 7pm): Someone helpful is coming to see you soon.

DOG (7pm to 9pm): Welcome a visitor to your home today.

BOAR (9pm to 11pm): Welcome a visitor to your home today.

Indian Left Eye Twitching Superstition

In India, the superstition is the reverse of the Chinese version. The old belief was that if your right eye twitches, you are likely to hear good news, gain some money, or enjoy certain success. however, left eye twitching is considered unfavorable. At times, eyelid twitching can also be based on the gender in addition. While left eye twitching is considered good for women, it might be a bad sign for men. additionally, twitching of the left eye pupil can indicate good luck.

With the change in the anatomy of the eye, different superstitions can be observed:

Left under eye – Expenses

Pupil of the left eye – Good luck

Left eyebrow – Birth of child and good news

In certain parts of Africa, including Cameroon, twitching of the lower eyelid signals that you will soon be shedding tears. When the upper eyelid twitches, it’s a sign that you will have an unexpected visitor. Nigerians also follow the Indian version of the left eye twitching superstition, and consider it to be a sign of bad luck.

In Hawaii, twitching in the left eye can signify the arrival of a stranger. In addition to this belief, there are some other versions of the superstition, where a continued twitching of the left eye might signal an upcoming death in the family, and the twitching of the right may signal an impending birth.

At this point of time of reading this article, I bet you are feeling more confused than ever. It does not matter which superstition you believe in, but I do recommend you to write down in a journal and monitor the events that are happening for the day. Perhaps you are just feeling tired and stressed out.

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