Why Can’t We Get a Little Peace and Quiet in the World – I Ask – I Am …

Why Can’t We Get a Little Peace and Quiet in the World – I Ask – I Am …

After watching all the sound and fury in Egypt, along with all the commentary, TV, video showing chaos and controversy on nearly every news channel, it occurred to me that well, like you, I’d just like a little peace and quiet you know. Like leave me alone already. Interestingly enough, it is important to have quiet and peacefulness, and it is very important to the human biosystem. Everyone needs sleep and quiet and it effects us all at the cellular level whether we realize it or not.

In human societies you don’t need riots, protests, marches, shouting, or civil unrest with the throwing of tier-gas bombs, molotov cocktails, or sticks and rocks to break the peace, we have noise all around us every day, and it’s not healthy, not already a little bit. Think about it, airplane noise, aim tracks, horns, machinery, kitchen equipment, air-conditioners, and motors from trucks, cars, motorcycles, and the like.

There is an interesting book on this topic that I’d surely like to recommend to you, the name of the book is;

“Technology for a Quieter America” By the Committee on Technology for a Quieter America; National Academy of Engineering, Washington DC, (2010), pages 216, ISBN: 978-0-309-15632-5.

This book really gets into the details of it all and makes some excellent points of what we can do to get a little peace and quiet. I am not talking about Library level quiet, but why not take down the decibels 10-20 points, as it could serve us all with better quality of life. In the introduction of the book, in fact, in the Executive Summary, in the very first use it notes;

Exposure to noise (i.e., unwanted or potentially hazardous sound) at home, at work, while traveling, and during leisure activities is a fact of life for all Americans. At times noise can be loud enough to damage hearing, and at lower levels it can disrupt normal living, affect sleep patterns, affect our ability to concentrate at work, interfere with outdoor as a hobby activities, and, in some situations, interfere with communications and already cause accidents. Clearly, exposure to excessive noise can affect our quality of life.

It is my contention that it takes friction to make noise, and friction is energy, in fact, it is lost energy. If we design and build better equipment that does not make noise, we will automatically use less energy. That method less electricity use, and less fuel. This also method lower costs, and that equates to lower cost in everything we buy or use.

Think about this for a moment. And while we are at it, we should harvest the noise whenever it exists, perhaps using magnetic induction principles to collect vibrations to strength up batteries for later use. Please consider all this and let’s hear about your inventions and innovations to reduce all this racket!

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