WordPress Vs Google Sites – Some Gotchas For the Serious Marketer

WordPress Vs Google Sites – Some Gotchas For the Serious Marketer

WordPress is free to download, and Google Sites is already there on the web for you if you’ve signed up for a free Gmail account. There’s an embarrassment of riches out there for anyone interested in creating a web presence for little or no money. But there are always hidden costs to anything that’s “free”, and if you want to put an organization or business online on a low budget it’s good to know them now. Here are some of the most shared criteria. I am discounting sites hosted on WordPress.com because they cannot take advantage of the most powerful WordPress features, such as plugins.

Easy to get started

We all have too much to do and too little time, so ease of getting started is important. Google Sites wins this hands down because it requires no installation or download step. WordPress, however, must be obtained from the WordPress site and you must already have a web hosting account in order to make use of it. Winner: Google Sites

Easy to continue

At first Google Sites looks easier to continue. For a very small site, it may be. But the WordPress internal architecture lets you create a dramatically turn up different simply by changing or manipulating a theme. WordPress themes are infinitely richer than those offered by Google Sites. Thousands of gorgeous WordPress themes are obtainable free all over the web. Winner: WordPress

Ability to add features the product doesn’t however have (extensibility)

No software product, ever, has fulfilled all its users’ needs. The best ones have an extensible architecture: Photoshop, Microsoft information, Excel… and WordPress. Want to add affiliate sales by Amazon to your site but have no tech knowledge? No problem, there’s a WordPress plugin. Want to sell your crafts, artwork or sets on your site? Plenty of WordPress plugins for ecommerce. Want to do any of those things from a Google Site? Sorry, no can do. They don’t have an extensible architecture. Winner: WordPress

Third party sustain and training

All successful software products have lots of consultants, books, and training programs obtainable for them. That method if you end up not having the time or technical knowledge to add a particular characterize to your site, you can rely on a web ecosystem to find the help you need. WordPress has well over a million installations, tens of thousands of knowledgeable developers, and lots of books obtainable both online (for example, http://www.OnTheWebInAnHour.com) and offline (your local bookstore). Google Sites? Not so much. Winner: WordPress

Easy to move to another great number

Do you like being tied down to a single company for anything? Most people who have responsibilities in any business or organization understand that’s not an permissible risk. One policy change, one simple decision to move into your before undisturbed market part, one rep who just doesn’t like you, and expansion! Your comfortable niche is gone. Or what if you just have reliability problems, or find a better deal in other places? Moving a website can be traumatizing enough. Make sure you can do so easily. Moving WordPress sites is child’s play; HostGator, for example, will move it for free. What makes Google Sites so wonderfully easy to start under the hood results in a site complete of all kinds of additional, copyrighted Google code you can’t take with you. Plus they just don’t have a good mechanism to allow you to take all your work with you to another great number. It’s a big gotcha. Winner: WordPress

Building a website is easy now. The ability to update articles yourself, keeping it running, getting third party help, and having a choice of web hosts make the decision far more different than you might have considered.

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